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Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal problems are one of the most common reasons someone will need to call a Houston plumber. Garbage disposals are a great thing to have in your kitchen; you probably use it every day and don’t even think about it. But garbage disposals are a commonly misused kitchen appliance. So many times people put the wrong things down a garbage disposal. Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services has been doing garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal installation in Houston since 1979! We’ll bet there is not a garbage disposal problem that we have not seen and then repaired or replaced.  Just like toilets get clogged so do garbage disposals! Many items can easily clog up when the wrong food items are placed into the disposal.

List of Items You Should Never Put Down a Garbage Disposal:

Coffee grinds
Egg shells
Potato peels
Onion skins
Fruit pits
Corn husks

Rutabaga peels
Dental floss
Flower clipping
Rutabaga peels
Shrimp body shells
Popcorn kernels
Cooking oils

What to do When You Have Garbage Disposal Problems

If your garbage disposal breaks or jams, there are a few things you may want to check out before calling a Houston plumber. If the garbage disposal is not making its running sound, it could be an electrical problem. Make sure that the unit is plugged in and the switch that powers the unit is on. Check to see the circuit breaker has not tripped, and then press the reset button on the very bottom of the garbage disposal unit. If the garbage disposal still will not operate it is likely beyond repair.

It is very important that you have a good quality garbage disposal. A garbage disposal main purpose is handling food waste.  If your garbage disposal has been nothing but headaches to deal with then you should consider upgrading to a better model.  Garbage disposals have different horse powers and it can be difficult to discern which model is right for your home.   There are so many models to choose from and the plumber experts from Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services can offer the best advice for your particular needs.

Let Nick’s Repair Your Garbage Disposal

Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services has been repairing and replacing garbage disposals in the Greater Houston Area since 1979. With fully-stocked trucks serving your neighborhood, Nick’s Plumbing cares about treating customers ethically and repairing or replacing your garbage disposals at a fair and affordable price. We bring top quality and value to every garbage disposal repair or replacement job we do. Our main concern is your satisfaction.