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Quality AC Filters and Purifiers in Houston

AC Filters and Purifiers in Houston

With increasing concerns about airborne illnesses, a lot of attention has been focused on AC filters and purifiers in Houston. Most people aren’t aware of how poor the air quality is in their homes, even when they’re suffering from chronic ailments like asthma or bronchitis. Studies have found that as many as half of all childhood pneumonia cases are attributable to indoor air pollution from dust, bacteria, and mold.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

While the condition has been well-known and studied extensively in commercial structures, sick building syndrome (SBS) has recently been found in homes. SBS is defined as a situation where the occupants of a building experience acute health-related effects due to the environmental conditions. Some of SBS symptoms include headaches, scratchy throat, dry coughs, and several other allergy-like ailments. Many of these adverse effects disappear when the affected person leaves the building, as they are no longer exposed to the irritant.

Like those without adequate HVAC systems, homes with poor ventilation are likely to allow dirt and dust to settle on surfaces, and furniture, causing sinus irritation. Changing the air filters in your HVAC system regularly, as well as having an annual AC Tune-Up service performed before summer starts, will go a long way to alleviating SBS in your home.

There are many options available for the homeowner looking to improve the quality of air their family breathes. From replacing the filters in your HVAC system to installing a whole-house air purification system with ultraviolet light, and plenty of stops in between. Let’s jump in and see what AC filters and purifiers in Houston all are about.

What is the Difference Between an Air Filter and an Air Purifier?

All HVAC systems use some type of air filtration, generally stacked fiberglass, or pleated paper panels, through which your home’s air is repeatedly circulated. These inexpensive filters are suitable for removing airborne irritants like dust, pollen, and mold, but to be effective, they need to be replaced regularly. Dirty air filters reduce your HVAC system's efficiency by as much as 15%, causing it to work harder, which directly affects your energy bill.

Many air conditioning systems utilize high-efficiency-particulate-air (HEPA) filters that use stronger and denser filter material to remove 99.97% of airborne particles. HEPA filters were initially created to filter radioactive dust out of the air of buildings used in the development of the atomic bomb in the 1940s. To achieve HEPA certification, the filter material must also be able to remove particulates as small as .03 microns (a micron is one-millionth of a meter). For reference, a single human hair is about 50 microns across, and the human eye cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns.

While HEPA filters can filter out almost all dust, dirt, and dander out of your air, HEPA filters can’t remove odors or gasses. Removing these volatile organic compounds from cigarette smoke, cooking odors, and even our pets require adding activated carbon filters to your HVAC system.

For the homeowner looking for the biggest bang for their air cleaning buck, whole-house air purifiers offer hospital-grade air cleaning for your entire home. Ultraviolet (UV) lights are applied to the air as it passes through your HVAC unit, eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold, and all odors.

Nick’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services offer the REME® HALO system from RGF Environmental Group that uses UV light and natural hydro-peroxides to clean the air. The REME ® HALO system is easily installed in existing HVAC systems and kills 99% percent of airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Give Nick’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services a call today to schedule an AC Tune-Up, AC maintenance, or to get more information about the REME® HALO air purification system.

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