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Professional AC Maintenance in Houston

AC Maintenance in Houston

With the heat and humidity that we endure in Houston for close to eight months out of the year, our air conditioning systems are one of the most important appliances we own. We tend to take our AC systems for granted, expecting them to operate at peak performance during the dreariest summer days.

High-quality HVAC systems can have a useful lifespan of fifteen to twenty years, but proper AC maintenance in Houston is critical to get as many years as you can from the unit. All air conditioning systems become less efficient the older they are as compressors and fan motors wear out, refrigerant lines become corroded and brittle, creating freon leaks, among other issues.

Having regular maintenance performed on your AC system should be a part of your routine annual household schedule. The best time of year for air conditioning maintenance in Houston is early spring before the summer heat kicks into gear. Performing maintenance on your AC system just prior to the summer months will increase the system’s efficiency and extend its lifespan, saving you money in the process.

During an annual AC Maintenance in Houston service call, our licensed HVAC technicians will perform several checks, make necessary adjustments, and advise you of any problems they find in your air condition system.

Nick’s Air Conditioning Maintenance Services:

CLEAN CONDENSER AND EVAPORATOR COILS: The two coils have the job of removing heat from circulated air, first at the condenser (located outdoors), and then again at the evaporator coil, which is inside the house, just before your HVAC ducts. Keeping the fins of both coils clean allow for efficient cooling

CHECK FOR PROPER AMOUNT OF REFRIGERANT: Not having enough refrigerant in your HVAC system makes it work harder to cool your home.

CHECK DRAIN PANS AND CONDENSATE DRAIN: Drainage pans have holes in them to allow condensation to drip off the AC unit, which often become clogged with leaves and other yard debris. Additionally, the condensate drain tube must also be cleaned and have any debris in or around it removed.

CHECK OUTDOOR AND INDOOR FANS FOR PROPER OPERATION: As air conditioning units age, the hardest hit components are always the moving parts. The indoor and outdoor fans will tend to have motor issues after a few years of use and may require repair or replacement.

LUBRICATE ANY APPLICABLE PARTS: Modern HVAC systems generally do not require any periodic oiling of its components, where older units may have a port for lubricating fan motors and other bearings.

REPLACE FILTERS: Dirty air conditioning filters allow dust to build up in your HVAC ducts and cause your air conditioning to work harder, making it less efficient. Changing your air filters alone can increase the efficiency of your AC by 15%. Some things you can do in-between annual air conditioning maintenance in Houston services are to check the filters each month and replace them if they start to look dirty. Keep an eye on the area around your AC unit’s drainage pan, making sure to remove any weeds or other debris that could block the drain holes of the pan.

If you notice a sudden change in either performance or efficiency from your AC system, call Nick’s Plumbing, Sewer, and HVAC to schedule an air conditioning maintenance in Houston service call.

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