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Free Plumbing Estimate in Houston

Article Date: 5/29/20 | Posted By Nick

Free Plumbing Estimate in Houston

Almost every company in the residential services market, from roofers, plumbers, and HVAC companies, offers free estimates. Free in-person estimates are an excellent way for a customer to interact with the technicians that will be doing their job and learn about all aspects of the work they need to be done.

What is a Free Plumbing Estimate in Houston?

Free plumbing estimates in Houston is a misleading term, as homeowners rarely want a ballpark figure when contemplating significant repairs. The word “estimate” itself can be misleading, as it means a “rough calculation of value.” When dealing with hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, no customer wants a “rough idea” of the cost.

Nick’s Plumbing’s free estimates and free second opinions are offered to every potential customer, and we stand behind our estimates for up to 90 days.

Why Can’t I Get a Plumbing Estimate by Phone?

It seems easy enough. You call your local plumbing company and ask what it will cost to replace your tank-type water heater with a tankless unit. If the plumbing company gives you an estimate without seeing the task first-hand, that is a huge “red flag” to call anyone else. Over the phone estimates are often wildly inaccurate, either from an under-estimation of the cost of parts, or the amount of labor required.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services will never offer an estimate over the phone for any plumbing job. Our website does contain a page with a basic price guide as well as a link to a price calculator that can help give an idea of possible costs.

What Does a Free Estimate Include?

When one of our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians arrives at your home, they will investigate the issue, diagnose the problem, and provide you with a written estimate. Nick’s free plumbing estimates in Houston are valid for 90 days, and we also offer second and third opinions for customers shopping for a service provider.

What Happens After My Free Estimate?

After reviewing the estimate with our plumbing technician, ask any questions you have about the job and any variables that could increase the cost. For example, a free estimate for a drain cleaning service that turns out to be due to a broken sewer line, the cost of replacing the sewer line would not be included in the estimate.

Call Nicks Plumbing and Sewer Services today about a free plumbing estimate in Houston, or for a free second (or third) opinion.

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