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Nick's Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

On today's show, it's all about free estimates and second opinions,

Richard Saad, John Eccles, and we're here for another episode we're going to be talking about. Can't talk about everybody, but tell you about how Nick's does it. Nick's Plumbing, and we offer free estimates and second opinions on all work and we're going to dive into what that means and why we do it. We're going to tell you the true story. Yeah, it's right behind the scenes, correct undercover. Stay tuned. Tell them how it is, John. So here at Nick's we made the decision to give free estimates all of our customers, and the reason why we decided that was going to be a good thing is, is we don't want to charge you, right? There's a lot of companies out there that do. We don't want to charge you for your time to possibly want to be one of our customers. We want to earn that. We want to be at your house.

We want to help educate you and help you make a good decision for your home. Right? And we filled that. The best way to do that is not the charge you for that upfront consultation about your plumbing problem, right? We want to come out, run through whatever you got going on, which is so hard for us to do over the phone. That's the other thing, right? If you're going to sacrifice a little bit of time, so we'll we to hopefully earn your business and the way that works is, is no matter what your problem is, because a lot of times customers call and they think they know or they got a good idea, but they just haven't seen it as much as our experts, right? We got well trained licensed plumbers that have been doing this for years and whenever you think of problem might be a and it turns out to be b and we gave you a price over the phone for a and B is totally different.

Customers get upset about that. So the way that we curve that is we give you a free estimate. We're going to come out and look if you don't use us, we understand that, but again, we want to educate you just like we talked about it on this show every week we're here for you. We want to give you as much information as you can take to make a good educated decision. Now, some of those decisions are very simple and very easy. Some are very complex and very big, right? You know, and that leads into second opinions. We love giving second opinions on other companies. If you've got a project going on or you have an issue and you've a company out and they've given you price in already, right? We would love nothing more to verify what they've already told you, right? That's all that is to make sure that it's right, and I'll tell you why this is so important, right?

This is so important. We've had three customers this week, all ran by the same plumber that is employed for us. Beautiful Plumber, name Leo Guzeman, giving you a shout out there, Leo. He did a great job. Three customers call in, all of them have a similar problem. They're being told they need some sewer work done right, and Leo's are really good. Sewer got for us. He has a camera. He's really good at detecting different things. All three people had estimates over $20,000. Richard, over $20,000. All three of them. No work was needed. Can you believe that? Yeah, I can. It happens everyday you guys. And again, second opinions are free. We're not charging for the second opinion. Now what you will get out of us is we will do our due diligence. We don't go off of what anybody else says exactly right. And we do our own investigative work.

We do our own analysis of, okay, what's the best, best resolution for this? And try and the best engineering for it on the, on the solution to fix that. And then we give you up front pricing of, okay. And hopefully most of the time we can do either a or b. What would you like to do? And you can make a great decision for you and your family. That's the goal, but we give second opinions all the time. Don't be worried about calling another company and asking for a second opinion. Yeah, it happens all the time and I walk them that and we welcome that. We don't mind going behind anybody and doing our own investigative work and telling you what we find. Yeah. You know, to dive into this a little deeper, because I talked to that said plumber a about one that he did a Tuesday and got customer's house line, has completely stopped up, um, got an estimate for a very large sewer sewer replacement.

So Leo goes out and he told the customer right out the gate, he says, well, look, first, let me try to unstop it again, not going off that guy's recommendation. We want to know not only gonna be wrong. Leo was out there for a long time. He was out there almost all day. He was Jedi. He was cabling who had to go from different access points and it was a pretty pricey ticket if you had to look at it for unstoppable line, right? It was, I think it was in the neighborhood of $800,000 or something, but it saved the customer potentially $24,000 in unnecessary repairs. No, it did save the customer 24,000. So the customer was various static. He was. He was very happy, you know, and we love it when our guys do things like that because it's the right thing to do. Probably got a customer for life out of it and that's what we're about.

We don't want one time customers, we want you forever. We want every time you have a plumbing issue to call Nick's plumbing that think of Nick's plumbing first and give us that opportunity and that's why we wanted the free estimate. Free second opinions. We just want to be your plumbing friend, right? We want to be next to you whenever you have that issue and guide you in the right direction. Absolutely. We want you to make the good decision. I try. It's not our decision to make it for you in a house. It's your house that is the largest investment that you guys have typically. So we want you to be educated or you make a great decision for you, has nothing to do with us and we're here to facilitate that and help all the timeline. We're here all the time. Hey, if you need any questions or answers or anything like that. Richard, John, we're always here for you. Call the office. We'll give you as much information we can over the phone. If we need to setup an appointment, we'll absolutely do that for you. But again, that's all free too. We don't charge, we don't charge. We're just good looking guys that are here for you. That's right. Thank y'all so much. We'll see you all next week.

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