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Professional French Drain Repair in Houston

French Drain Repair in Houston

How Does a French Drain Work?

The concept of a French Drain is to take standing water from one location, and by way of gravel lined trenches and pipes, deliver it to an area where it can be fed into a sewer line. Contrary to popular belief, the French Drain did not originate in France. The French Drain was invented in the 1850s by a man named Henry French who wrote the first book about drainage techniques for the farming industry, appropriately titled Farm Drainage.

French Drains have certainly come a long way since then, thanks to advances in pipe manufacturing and the advent of public sewer systems. Current French Drain installations are designed to be virtually maintenance-free; however, as is possible with any plumbing device, clogs and blockages are always possible.

Can I Maintain and Repair My French Drain?

Performing French Drain Maintenance and Repair in Houston can be a do-it-yourself endeavor for the handy homeowner. All you need to keep your French Drain flowing is a keen eye and a few simple tools. Grab your garden hose and use the high-pressure setting on the nozzle to flush any yard debris that has collected along the length of the drain, especially after heavy rain. Use the rake to pull any standing debris from the outlet of the outlet pipe.

At least once a year, you should inspect your French Drain for any signs of possible blockages or leaks. Regularly inspect your French Drain for any signs of possible blockages like pools of water in your yard, once or twice a year should be an adequate schedule. Part of your regular plumbing inspection should be the removal of the louvered drain grate (if one is installed) at the low point in your yard. Check for and remove any debris that has accumulated there, and you’ll surely prevent a need for a French Drain Repair in Houston service call.

French Drains are great for eliminating problems with pooling and ponding water around your yard. By design, they are virtually maintenance-free aside from the simple methods described above. Sometimes, French Drain pipes fall victim to blockages from built-up sediment, silt and other particles that can lead to a partial or complete blockage.

Need French Drain Repair? Call the Houston Experts!

Should you find yourself with an issue, call on Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services for a French Drain Repair in Houston. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers use all the same technology to clear French Drain blockages as they would use inside your home. We rely on high definition video camera snakes to identify clogs, and motorized plumbing augers to remove them.

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services have been the experts for French Drains and all other plumbing services in Houston. Since 1979, Houston has relied on Nick’s Plumbing for our expertise in both home and commercial plumbing applications. Give us a call and let us bring our five-star reputation to your French Drain.

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