Professional Heating Repair in Houston

Heating Repair in Houston

Here in Houston, it’s easy to forget that we need to use our furnaces and heating systems from time to time. With more and more ninety-plus degree days every year, most of us in Texas use our heating systems less and less. Despite that lack of use, it is crucial to maintain and repair your heating system when it is required to ensure it’s working at peak efficiency.

Many parts go into making up an efficiently functioning home or commercial heating system. Luckily for us, our HVAC systems can talk to us and let us know when it may be time for professional heating repair in Houston service call. These are just a few signs you can look for that may indicate a problem somewhere in your heating system.



Colder than usual air coming from your heating vents can be an indication of multiple issues with your home or business heating system. There may be clogged air filters that need replacement, your pilot light could be out, or there could be a leak in your ductwork that is drawing cold air into your home from the attic or crawlspace.

First, check that your thermostat is set correctly and that it is set for “HEAT” or “AUTO” and not set to “COOL,” and also check the set temperature to make it is below the room reading to engage the furnace. If everything else seems to be normal and you’re not getting adequate heat, it’s time call in the services of a professional heating repair in Houston company.


During regular operation, your heating system is going to cycle on and off, either every few minutes or every couple of hours. The frequency and duration of these cycles depend on the settings of your thermostat, the temperature of the air being brought into your home, and personal preference.

A furnace that cycles on and off very quickly and repeatedly is usually a sign of a faulty thermostat. Rapid cycling is a heating repair in Houston issue that needs to be remedied as soon as possible. The constant turning on-and-off of the unit causes undue wear and tear to blowers, burners, and other heating system components.


Furnaces that refuse to put out any heat at all are more likely than not to have some degree of a safety issue. There’s a whole list of reasons why your heating system isn’t warming your home or business. Gas leaks, worn out ignitions, and blown out pilot lights can create a significant hazard that is best dealt with by a licensed heating repair in Houston technician.

Heating systems never fail at a convenient time, only when you seem to need them most. If you find yourself facing a heating crisis at home or in your business, trust the licensed and experienced professionals at Nick’s Plumbing, Sewer, and HVAC today.

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