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Nick's Plumbing has provided professional plumbing in Houston since 1979. We have countless positive reviews from our wonderful customers. Check out a sample of their reviews below.

My hot water heater went kaput last week, and I'd originally scheduled Home Depot to deliver and install a new unit through one of their local contractors. Spent the entire weekend taking cold showers, and the plumbers showed up today, looked at my garage, and said they'd need a further $2000 to modify and update the setup. We politely declined and called Nick's. They were at the door in 15 minutes, and two hours later we had hot water again. They charge a fair price for their service and installation, and, best of all, they are HONEST. The plumbers are well-informed on city codes and very knowledgeable. I used them once before for a blockage, and have never had them try to upsell or use any shady sales tactics. — M.G.
Man oh man these guys were great! We called them with an urgent job, needing a shower fixed before some guest arrived later that day! I had shopped around for several hours with people promising to call me back & others not having availability for several day until I found Nicks. The receptionist I spoke with was courteous and informative, she explained to me the exact process and that the tech would come during a window of time and that they would call when he was en-route. They were by far the most polite company I had contacted. The technician Josh K. was an absolute professional! He was able to diagnose the problem within moments, and resolve/repair the shower super fast! He was polite, had a friendly demeanor and was respectful of the space where he was working. If you are looking for a plumber in Houston, I wouldn't hesitate to call these guys in an instant! Bottom line! PROFESSIONAL, FAST AND AFFORDABLE! — L.V.
I had a full blockage of my kitchen line due to root penetration. I tried to fix the problem myself, but it was definitely time to call a plumber. I used Nick's... the plumber showed up on time. He was very professional. He fixed the problem, and stayed to watch the laundry and kitchen sinks fill and drain before he considered the problem corrected. This was far better than experiences I have had with other plumbers. I would definitely recommend Nick's. — D.S.
Today we had a repair person from Nick's Plumbing & Sewer come to our house for a repair. Fred was on time and personable. It was raining and after introducing himself, he put on little booties over his shoes so as to not track in mud. We had a clogged drain line from the kitchen .. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem and repair with the parts he had with him. Everything was taken care of quickly and efficiently. Would recommend Nick's in the future. — M.C.
Literally A + customer service! I was blown away by the level of service. Everything from start to finish was flawless. I called Nick's Plumbing after receiving an initial bid to replace my drainage and sewage pipes from a competitor assigned by my homeowners's insurance plan. They (Ron) came out, assessed, offered an initial bid. MATCHED the first bid, and once the work began it was as if they were taking care of their own house. While there was a lot of work it was organized and clean communication to me as the homeowner was top notch and I knew what was going on during each phase of the project. Once the job was completed and after it was known that some of my grass would be destroyed on the lawn the grass was replaced he team came back after the job was completed and after I had left town to ensure that the new grass was watered. I would recommend this team to anyone! — R.S.
I just purchased my first home and I needed my dishwasher and garbage disposal connected, so I called this company. The plumber arrived in 45 minutes of my call, on a Thursday at about 3:45. The plumber looked under the sink and said it would be "no problem". I began watching Real Housewives of the ATL and before the show was over the plumber was done. I am the skeptical type, so I tested the disposal and the dishwasher with the plumber standing there to ensure that it all worked, and it did! In this day and age it is really hard to find good help but I am glad I found Nick's they were really good at helping me setup my kitchen plumbing needs. — C.P.

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