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Houston Plumbing Cost Guide Part II

In our blog last week, we posted a Plumbing Cost Guide for some of the more common “expensive” services that we offer. The response was so good to that post; we wanted to add a follow-up blog (and corresponding Facebook Live show this week) dedicated to the more common “lower-cost” services we offer.


The first service on our plumbing cost list for minor jobs is garbage disposal repair or replacement. Your garbage disposal is probably the second most used plumbing appliance in your home (slightly behind the toilet). Like many of our plumbing appliances, the garbage disposal has certain requirements for maintenance that most of us ignore. Not scraping your plates into the trash before placing them in the sink can lead to significant damage to your garbage disposal.

Try not to put the obvious “no-no’s” into your garbage disposal like beef or chicken bones (too hard, and they will break the blades), no pastas or rice (very sticky and will coagulate in your drains), and always run the water into the drain after use to allow the disposal blades to rinse off.

The garbage disposals we install today are so low-cost that they’re practically disposable themselves. There are no serviceable parts inside of a garbage disposal, aside from stainless steel blades (if so equipped) and the motor. If you find yourself having to replace those parts, chances are it will cost about the same as installing a new garbage disposal.

Average Plumbing Cost of Garbage Disposals:


• Depending on horsepower and build quality (stainless steel and greater horsepower is higher quality/more expensive).
• Cost of the actual garbage disposal unit itself, not including installation.


• Includes the price of the garbage disposal unit, as well as professional new garbage disposal installation.
• Installation cost is essentially the same across all sizes of disposals. Your total plumbing cost will be affected by the price of the garbage disposal unit.


Toilets themselves are essentially a “set it and forget it” plumbing appliance. On their own, these porcelain thrones can have a lifespan that easily exceeds one hundred years. Unfortunately, the parts inside our toilets that control water flow and evacuation are prone to wear and tear caused by the hard water inherent to Houston.

Take the lid off your toilet tank and marvel at the feat of engineering wisdom before you. The various parts look much the same as they did when the modern toilet was introduced to American homes over a century ago. Fill valves, flappers, flush valves and the chains and rods that connect them are all susceptible to wear and tear from use, as well as the damaging effects of being soaked in water twenty-four-hours-a-day.

The various parts inside your toilet can be replaced independently of each other, but we usually recommend a complete toilet overhaul where possible.

Average Plumbing Cost of Toilet Repairs:




Drain clogs are often a recurring problem; almost always increasing in severity each time and are always a sign of a larger problem looming in your plumbing. You can usually work a drain clog loose with a coat hanger or a plumbing snake, but if you’re suffering from chronic clogs, you’re just chipping away at the problem.

The underlying cause of your clogs is most likely to be a build-up of grease and other debris, which collects in the spaces in your pipes where corrosion has started. Food waste, hair, soap and shampoo residue, human waste and years of flushed paper products all come together in one giant, gelatinous mass that first forms on the walls of your pipes, eventually narrowing the path where water can flow.

Hydro-jetting is a service offered by Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services that takes your slow or completely stopped drain and sewer pipes and return them to like-new condition!

If you’ve ever had your house or driveway pressure washed, hydro-jetting works on the same principle. Highly pressurized jets of water are aimed at the walls of your drain and sewer pipes, effectively removing 99.9% of all grease and other debris that is causing your clogs.

Average Plumbing Cost for Hydro-Jetting:


That’s going to wrap it up for our second edition of the plumbing cost guide, and we hope it helps you in making informed selections regarding your plumbing needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to give Richard Saad or John Eccles a call in our office anytime at 713-868-9907. For a slightly more complete list of average costs please see our Plumbing Average Cost Guide.

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