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Slab and Sewer Leak Detection

Article Date: 12/13/2018 | Posted By Nick

Slab and Sewer Leak Detection

More and more homes in the greater Houston area are being built on top of concrete slabs. More often than not, these foundations will have plumbing lines run underneath the slab. This is a bad idea for several reasons, the first being that no material lasts forever, and eventually you (or whoever owns the home after you) are going to have to repair or replace the plumbing and sewer pipes that are buried beneath the concrete pad that keeps your home from sinking into the dirt.

Types of Plumbing Lines Found Under Your Slab

Supply Lines: Bring water into your home from whatever source you choose, city water or well water.

Sewer (Building Drain) Lines: All outgoing water and waste from the structure is eliminated and directed to either a city sewer system or a private septic tank.

How Do I Know If I Might Have a Slab Leak?

If you’ve started to notice puddles around your yard that were never there before or areas of erosion around your slab, you may want to consider calling Nick’s Plumbing for a slab leak detection in Houston service call.

Inside the home, you may start to see cracks in your sheetrock or separation of crown molding. An area of the home that always feels damp or has a mildew smell is an indication of water damage within the walls that could be caused by a slab leak.

How Do You Find a Leak Underneath a Slab?

Once we determine that you have a likely under-slab leak, based on the appearance of the symptoms we listed, along with a visual diagnosis by one of our trained and licensed plumbing technicians, the next step is to determine precisely where the leak is.

At Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services, we employ a couple of different methods for slab leak detection in Houston. We use specialized snake cameras that reveal a high-definition view of your drain and sewer lines from the inside, as well as inflatable rubber bladders to block specific areas of your plumbing system to facilitate isolation testing of each section of your sewer and drain lines.

Supply line leaks under your slab are particularly problematic, as the water supply lines are under constant pressure and have water flowing through them all times. A supply line leak will make itself apparent much faster than a sewer line leak, as the pressurized water can wipe out the soil under your home at lightning speed.

How Do You Fix an Under-Slab Leak?

Usually, the most expedient fix to an under-slab leak is to completely abandon the old plumbing and perform a redirect. Re-directing the pipes allows the flow of water to remain above ground (usually hidden behind cabinets and drywall) to prevent any further under-slab issues.

Sure, a lot of plumbing companies will be happy to tunnel underneath your home to the site of the leak with an excavation machine, replace all the pipes beneath your slab, and backfill the soil back under your foundation. If they didn’t cause any further settling or manage to collapse your foundation entirely, you’re good to go for another 15 years. Or until one of their new pipes springs a leak, and you get to repeat the process all over again. Yay.

There’s a way to prevent all that disappointment in advance…just call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services to perform your slab leak detection in Houston. We have the specialized equipment, and thoroughly trained and licensed plumbing technicians to ensure the right diagnosis and the right fix the FIRST time.

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