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What Is Hydrojetting And How Can It Help?

Nick's Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

Another week has gone by you guys, so potty mouth guys, John Eccles, Richard Saad Nick's plumbing. We had a whole orchestra behind us now doing this or sponsored. I think there was probably 10 horns, I really like that. Good afternoon. Is it more than enough to more and more important. What are we talking about today? Hydrojetting. That's right. Hydrojetting is our conversation and topic today. What is that? It just went down to someone's in the bathroom. That's interesting. Orchestra reducing. Went down the crapper. Sorry guys. Um hydrojetting. What is it? Hydrojetting. That's our topic today. Absolutely. Now getting more serious. Uh, thank you guys for tuning in today. Thank you for watching. Uh, it's a really interesting topic. Hydrojetting. It's something that most people don't know about. They don't understand it and they've never heard of it. It's, it's not something that it's explained. That's what we're going to go through today.

So let's get to the meat and potatoes meat. Oh, that sounds good. Yeah. That we're trying to clear out of the drain. So hydrojetting. Um, so there's a couple different ways that you can clear your sewer line right. Obviously the most traditional ways a cable machine, which would the blade just kind of chews through the stoppage my pac man. Right? And so what it does when that happens, it leaves some residuals around the corners of the pipe. It misses some things, right? Especially with grease, soap scum, stuff like that. So hydrojetting, which, um, if you asked any plumber or salt, it is the preferred method of cleaning your drain lines. It literally is.um the one, what's the word I'm looking for now? That apparatus, the one type of cleaning we'll go with that word type of cleaning that'll take your pipe is near news condition as it possibly can be, right?

It's not going to make it new, but if you have old concrete, it's going to pressure wash basically the inside of that pipe and get everything off the sides. Everything off the bottom, the top and pull it out of that line. I, you just nailed it. And that's what I wanted to say to you guys. Think about a pressure Washer when you're doing your concrete driveway, if you've ever done that or any of your concrete around the house and you get the pressure washer out, it cleans that concrete to light new, absolutely. Well, this is the, is the exact same principle. It's the exact same hose. It's got a different nozzle on the end of it. Um, and of course you cannot use a pressure washer to do this type of service. It's a highly specialized piece of equipment and they make this equipment going from small to very large.

And the very large ones are the ones that are on these diesel trucks that the city of Houston, uh, drives that clear out the main sewer lines when they get stopped up. And those machines are on a whole massive, um, truck with a massive holding tank, an engine to power these things. Um, the ones that we use in plumbing, we have, um, from small to go through two and inch lines in two and a half lines, let's call it a, all the way up to 12 inch lines. That's typically what a plumbing company, if they have this equipment, they'll go from that inch and a half the twelfth so we can clear out your storm drains your in, in your yard. If they're getting clogged up, it's really good for that and it pulls all the dirt and debris out. Uh, your four inch and six inch sewer lines that we have here in Houston.

Works Great. And what it really works well on is your kitchen sink drains, which are going to be two inch lines. So if you can think about taking your two inch line and pressure Washer, a pressure washing that, uh, that is a, what am I looking for? I'm cleaning that pipe. It's like arteries in your. Oh yeah, absolutely. In your heart, right? Your arteries get clogged up. Well, this two inch wine coming off your kitchen sink gets clogged up from cholesterol, let's call it, which was grease, soap scum, all that stuff tends to calcify. And so it's all the bad. And if you look at your kitchen sink, drain line, uh, and you have not done any maintenance to that in x amount of years, you can pretty much guarantee it's got stuff all around the pipe. Absolutely. So let's call it the pressure Washer, which is the hydrojetting.

We'll take that. And especially when it's PVC and not cast iron, you know, we've got, we're in an area where we mainly deal with cast iron, but if it's pvc it'll make it like brand new. It will be like white walls on your tire when we get done with that. Absolutely. Um, and, and therefore you don't have to hire a plumbing company a very often, um, if you're one of those that are having kitchen sink a stoppage issues, uh, you won't have to hire a plumbing company very often if you just do this once every x amount of years, it literally will make the pipe brand new. Matter of fact, I can't speak for everybody in the city, but I know at Nick's, if you get the hydrojetting done the warranty's twice as long as the cabling. And the reason why we do that is because we feel extremely comfortable that you're not going to have a problem because we know that you're using the best methods to clean that pipe.

And it's gonna. I mean, you got to imagine, you know, these small machines is 2,400 psi, the large machines, I think 4,000 Psi, you know, you made the reference of cleaning your driveway, right? Which we've all done or seen it done. Imagine that amount of pressure inside of four, two inches. It doesn't have anywhere to go. So I mean, that's some, some extreme pressure in these specified nozzles that Richard was talking about. Um, and they come and obviously there's different ones, but the typical ones that are used, we have water spraying in all directions forward, back. And it's really neat to see. And if you've never had your kitchen line cleaned out, obviously it's a little bit of grody, but it, if you're in the industry, it's really neat to see when big chunks of that grief come out. And a lot of customers were like, Whoa, that can't be right.

And it will pull it all out and like the car wash your two inch line. Yep, absolutely. What it is, and it is phenomenal, but it's like John said, we can warranty that after it's done for a lot longer than a cable machine. Now remember, a cable machine will never clean the sides of the pipe. It will only go through it and pull out what it can just choose and it just choose. That's exactly right. So all of that grease that has accumulated throughout the years will still be there. It doesn't fix that at all. No. It just gets it open temporarily. Then you'll shut down again eventually. Now I'm talking about warranty. How would there not be a warranty? Well, if somebody shoving. Let's let's take Turkey Day thanksgiving and you're shoving the whole turkey now in the kitchen sink. Well, okay, that's a little extreme, but I.

and this line will stay open unless you're doing things like that on a consistent basis. And we call that a customer, customer inflicted stoppage. When you're putting stuff that shouldn't be down the drain, down the drain and you're overusing it and it's not. You're not using it for what it's designed to do. Right, exactly right. Just like you're not supposed to put a bath towel down the commode, which that happened the other day. We pulled out a towel out of somebodies toilet. Yeah, it happens. I guess Liz has a question. Yes. Liz, that pasta down her garbage disposal. Someone told her not to. Absolutely. No, you cannot do that. Um, pasta, rice, those things expand. So it, if you dump something in the kitchen sink that expands, um, and that also has a tendency when you stop running the water, then it'll grab onto that pipe too and it won't keep going and everything will just accumulate on that as well.

Um over time. But anything that expands and that's rice, your pasta. Also, what's really bad is going to be potato skins, eggshells just horrible. Um, and they think anything with skin cucumbers, all of that. You should always put those in the garbage can a and never put that stuff down in your kitchen sink. And the reason why, and I just want to add it in there real quick, is if you notice when you're washing your plates off of those things and you're saying, because look, I'm guilty of putting that stuff down my disposal sometimes as well. You notice what's it doing in your sink? It sticks. You sometimes got to shove it to the drain to get good at. Well, what do you think is done in the pipe? It sticks even even mean disposal chops up, but it's not like it's mincing it, you know?

So yeah. So yeah, it's better to scrape that stuff off in the garbage. I'm leave liquids and stuff like that. Going into it thats right. Yeah. And also put the grease in the garbage can. So if you're a plate has visible grease on it, get something in, wipe that off and throw it in the garbage can instead of putting it down the kitchen sink because that's also what grips the pipe and stays in the pipe. But. And that goes back to our conversation today on the hydrojettng the hydro jet will fix that. But over time it's like cholesterol in your arteries, it'll just build on that pipe and build and slowly just shut it down and that's when you get the distinct stoppage or you put pasta or rice down there and a whole bunch at one time and then boom, you're done. So No. But great question. Great question. Great question. Thank you Liz.

I think that is a. concludes our, our session on hydrojetting didn't. I believe it does. So any questions you guys call John? Call Richard. We're always available to talk to you. In fact, we had somebody from San Antonio just about to say though, you know, we say this every week that you can call us and talk to us about anything. I've had the privilege of talking to a wonderful lady by the name of Katie. I can't remember the last name out of San Antonio. She was having a plumbing issue. Obviously we don't service that area, but she said that she found us on the Internet, loved the reviews and she just wanted some advice. And so we had a long conversation, 45 minute phone call and I did more than happy. And what was really cool is, is after I talked to her for awhile about her situation, she called back no less than five minutes and it was resolved, you know, kind of guidance her where it was.

So again, we do not mind concerns, you know, you're dealing with the plumbing issue, another company, whatever it is, whatever city you're in, right? Call us. What? We'll be happy to help. We are in a specialized industry. You guys don't have the same knowledge that we have and we are open to sharing. What more can you ask the trip. And by the way, Katie, if are watching, thank you for the review on facebook. I really appreciate it. Y'all take care and we will see you next week. Uh, let me see if I got a good one and a hidden in my pocket. Let me see. Oh my God, you put me on the spot. I had a good bye. We're out of here. I could. Did it knock knock. Oh, we're still on.

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