Searching For Plumbing Company Near Me In Houston?

Article Date: 7/1/2019 | Posted By Nick

Searching For Plumbing Company Near Me In Houston

Merely ten years ago, if you needed any sort of home repair services, you had to look in the yellow pages to find someone in your area, or you relied on a recommendation from a neighbor. These options often spelled disaster for homeowners, as there was no way to properly screen a company before allowing them into your home to tear apart your walls and plumbing.

Thanks to this new tool known as the internet, we have so much more information available to us regarding the companies we need to perform work in our homes. Services like Yelp and Angie’s List were the pioneers in online business reviews, providing homeowners with the opportunity to find out what other customers in the area have experienced. The downside of these services was the need to go to a specific website and hope that there were enough reviews in your area for multiple companies to help you decide.

Today, the front-runners in the online review business are the same search engines you would use to searching for a plumbing company near me in Houston. Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo! all use various algorithms to rank local businesses according to popularity (based on how often a business’ website is clicked on), as well as using customer review ratings to determine a company’s place on the list.

Sound confusing? It is! But online reviews are easily THE most important component of a company’s marketing strategy. If your company doesn’t have the ability to consistently earn five-star reviews, your position in the online world will be diminished.

When searching for plumbing companies near me in Houston be sure to look for “quality over quantity” when it comes to online reviews. Quite often, newer companies will have their friends and family (or even their own employees) generate positive reviews online for jobs that never took place. It takes a bit of due diligence and dedication to separate the gold from the dirt, but the payoff will be finding a company that not only does great work, but that you’ll feel good about recommending to someone else.

Every company that has an online presence is eventually going to suffer from “bad review syndrome”. The reality of being involved in any business is that you simply can not please everyone, and sometimes, that can result in what appears to be a rather damning statement about your business. No business owner likes a bad review, and sometimes so much so that they’ll engage a customer in an online argument. While it often makes for extremely entertaining reading material, the sad fact is, once a business owner “loses it” with a dissatisfied customer in an online forum, that business loses credibility.

A better approach, one that we employ here at Nick’s Plumbing is to address the issue that led to the negative review. By engaging with the customer to determine where exactly they feel that we went wrong in the process and offer them a solution. In most instances, by using this approach, we’re able to turn what was a negative customer experience in a positive one, and quite often, we earn ourselves a repeat customer for future jobs.

A final tip to help in your search for plumbing companies near me in Houston is to know where the company your looking to do business with is located. Ever since Hurricane Harvey in 2017, there has been an influx of out-of-state companies doing plumbing work in our area. Quite often, these businesses will employ local contractors to complete work for them as opposed to having a local branch office with their own employees.

By using local contractors and operating this type of business model across multiple cities, the company is not able to focus on any individual market. By not having local representation of that company makes it difficult in the future should you need any type of warranty work done.

In conclusion, when you’re searching for a plumbing company near me in Houston, whether you choose Nick’s Plumbing or not; make sure you properly vet ANY business before having any work done. Get several estimates before making your decision, Nick’s Plumbing offers free estimates and second (or third) opinions to make the process easier.

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