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Professional HVAC Repair in Houston

Your HVAC system will never check with you ahead of time to coordinate a good time to fail. It’s always going to happen on the hottest or coldest day of the year, and the resulting bills can be expensive. Not to mention the feeling of sitting in your sweltering home and watching the temperature rise. Or layering on all the warm clothing from your closet as you watch the indoor temperature drop.

The most common reason for needing an HVAC repair in Houston is the decreased performance of the heating or air conditioning unit. With proper maintenance, your home’s HVAC system should last fifteen to twenty years. Still, many homeowners neglect to change their filters, leading to the early breakdown of these systems.


Nick’s HVAC Repair Services:

How Can I Tell If I Need HVAC Repair?

It Doesn’t Get Cool/Warm Enough in Your Home.

Air conditioning systems that can’t entirely cool your home adequately could be low on refrigerant, have a dirty evaporator coil, or need a thermostat adjustment. Heating systems struggling to keep up with day-to-day needs could be suffering from a clogged filter, insufficient gas supply, or a faulty ignition.

It may not be as severe as you think. Quite often, instead of needing an HVAC repair. You may just need to clean your A/C condenser. The condenser requires adequate airflow to cool your home correctly, and any grass, weeds, or other debris around your air conditioner needs to be removed.

Dust Build-Up Around the House

Every home has dust. Regardless of how often you clean, you’re always going to have grit. A sudden increase in the dust on surfaces and in the air around your home is almost always a sign of HVAC system issues.

Dirty filters are the most common reason for the increased dust and are something the homeowner can take a “do-it-yourself” approach. Replacing HVAC filters is easy to do. The necessary parts are readily available at any home improvement or big-box store.

Sometimes, even with regular filter maintenance, you may continue to have a dust issue. Have your HVAC ductwork checked for any rips or openings that allow air from your attic to be pulled into the vents.

Noises and Odors

Our HVAC systems do not age like a fine wine; instead, they start breaking down the moment they are installed. In harsher climates, as we have here in Houston, air conditioners can be in constant operation eight or nine months out of every year.

Clunking and banging sounds, especially when the unit starts running, are usually signs of a worn fan motor, or loose ductwork. Hissing and screeching noises could be a compressor that has begun to fail, or motor bearings have gone bad.

Unusual odors from our HVAC system is never pleasant, often described as a “dirty sock” type of smell. Most often, that scent is a sign of bacteria growth in your coil or drain pan and does not get better with time.

What should I be asking my HVAC technician before they begin work?

You may not know what types of questions to ask about your malfunctioning HVAC unit. However, you should know which questions to ask the HVAC technician who’ll be servicing your unit. Based on our experience at Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we feel these are the most pertinent questions.

1. Do you have experience with my specific unit?

In fact, before you call an HVAC technician to request a repair appointment, read the company’s website to ensure they have experience with your specific brand.  Whether your unit is older or newer or very limited, the company you choose should know how it works. The more they know, the better chance you have of getting your problem solved.

2. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Insurance is critical when you want someone to repair your HVAC system. You wouldn’t trust a company that isn’t currently bonded, licensed, and insured? Regardless of whether it’s a minor inspection or a major repair, protect yourself and your HVAC and only work with heating and cooling businesses that have their necessary paperwork. 

3. Do you offer some sort of a maintenance program?

You want the company that comes to repair your HVAC to offer peace of mind in the form of a maintenance program. Applying for a service contract can save you time, money, and a giant headache should something go wrong. 

HVAC Repair

There isn’t a good time to be dealing with heating or air conditioning troubles in Houston. Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning understands time is of the essence when your HVAC needs repair. Our fast and friendly staff can schedule your HVAC repair appointment today. We only employ technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to make any HVAC repair on any brand or model. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal at Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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