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Toilet Clogged in Houston TX

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Is your toilet clogged Houston, TX?   We have been unclogging toilets in Houston since 1979! There’s never a good time for a toilet to stop working. There are a few easy repairs for your toilet for a licensed plumber. If your toilet is continues to run it may simply be a worn out flapper. Often times the handle on the toilet or the fill valve will become defective and in need of repairs.

Common Reason Your Toilet is Clogged Houston

You never know when your toilet will get clogged. Most of the time, it is very difficult to determine what is clogged because you can’t see it. There can be several reasons why it could be clogged such as:

  • Children flushing toys
  • Too much paper
  • Feminine products
  • Roots growing into pipe
  • Air vents are clogged

What do you do when you have a clogged toilet Houston? Feel free to look at our information for fixing a clogged toilet. If you can’t unclog the toilet then it is time for a professional plumber to help.  At Nick’s Plumbing we can fix any clogged toilet.

Water on the Floor Around Your Toilet Indicates a Leak

However if your toilet is leaking at the floor, has recurring clogs or has a crack in the porcelain the toilet may need to be replaced. A leaky toilet can cause water damage to your home and you need a plumbing expert to fix it. There are 5 seals with the potential to leak in the average toilet.  Thousands of gallons of water can be wasted every year from a leaky toilet. Let us help you get your toilet back in working order. If you are in the market for a new toilet check out a few of our most popular models below or call us for a complete inventory of toilets.

Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Toilet installation is usually best left to a professional as mistakes can lead to extensive piping and water damage. Choosing the right toilet for your home may not be an easy task. There are several factors to consider such as size, aesthetics, water and energy efficiency. Because you may not have a lot of experience picking out a new toilet for your home, our plumbers can help guide you down the right path with an explanation of brands and features.

If you think your toilet is clogged Houston, TX or are in need of a new toilet installation, give us a call! We have been helping Houstonians with clogged toilets for over 30 years!

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