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What Does A Plumber Cost??

Nick's Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

Today, show cost of hiring a plumbing company. What does it cost to hire a plumber? Richard Saad, John Eccles and I have gotten to know the people want to know Richard and they deserve answers. Absolutely right. We're going to give that to them today. All right, so let's talk about what does it cost when we're hiring employment companies. It's expensive. People tend to think that, but I'm telling you. I don't think so. We hear it all the time. It's expensive. It's not expensive. Let me tell you what it is. It's a highly skilled profession, right? These guys spend a lot of time. How much time does it take, Richard to get your license? First licensed starts in two years, right? You're going to have two years minimum, but that might not make you ready to go take that state exam that you might need more time depending on how you learn, how quickly you can learn. This stuff is really challenging and difficult. You guys, it is not where you can just turn the guy loose and say, oh yeah, go fix that. That doesn't work like that. We can create mold, fire, flood explosions and explosions, really not for the faint of heart. So to elaborate on that a little bit, let's talk about the years. So this is a state test id, state regulated profession, meaning that these guys are regulated by state agency. Right. And what Richard saying about the years is true to get their first license, two years or 4,000 man hours, 4,000 hours of doing training and on the job experience to get your gardening on the shovel to get your first license, right. To get your second license is double that. Eight thousand hours. Yeah, four years, four years minimum, right. How long does the doctor go to school?

Mm, four plus eight probably or something like that. So we're almost there. We're close. Just saying the license that we have takes, what is it? Nine or something like that. Nine years to get our license roughly. So mean when you're talking about that. This is a profession that a lot of people think, especially when you look under your sink and you see a couple of, oh look, it's a pipe. You put it together. Sometimes it's not as simple as that and a lot of people don't know if you do those things wrong, what are some of the consequences tool? Um, so when we say highly skilled profession it is, and to be good at it, it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of continued training. Our industry just like every other industry with technology and everything else is just moving forward faster than some people can keep up.

So we have to continually train our guys day in and day out. With that being said, the state not only regulates and test, they put very stiff laws and penalties against our, our industry and our trained highly professional guys. And why to protect you, protect you. That's. Yeah, absolutely. It's all done for the benefit of you, not for us, of course. Right. And I think people, they don't really consider that when they're talking about codes and laws, they get angry or, or they think it's too hard. Well, no, you got a guy that makes it hard because he doesn't know what he's doing dry. We don't fail inspections because we know we've been trained and we train well. So, you know, when you hear of somebody saying, oh, well, it's just too hard. Well, yeah, it's hard for them because they haven't been trained properly.

Agree, I agree. So would you consider this job a dangerous at all? Absolutely dangerous. Right? So along with the highly skilled where we're putting our skilled professional guys into some situations sometimes that are, uh, are dangerous every single day you're dealing with gas biohazard. Biohazard is a big one, right? When we send guys have for shoe repairs and stuff, you're dealing with some bacteria that you know, you definitely don't want in your skin or in your body for sure. We've had in over my 20 years, I've had four guys get sick and they were out a month to three months with the bacteria that people don't even know how bad it is. And we've had one of our, uh, technicians actually get a permanent problem. So if you don't think that's a dangerous profession, uh, I don't know what the say next on that, but you know, if you look around and across the nation everyday, there's plumbers that unfortunately don't go home from work, right?

And this, due to those, some of those dangers, you know, my family has been affected personally. I had an uncle pass away dual upon the work on the job, right? A gas leak. And you know, it was unfortunate. I'm not going to go into detail, but those are some of the dangers that you asked them to you real quick, not from exploding. It pulls oxygen out of the air. So if you're in a confined space is probably what happened to him. That was exactly what happened. You're, you're out real quick and you don't recover from it. But not only that, how about we go underneath homes all the time that have electricity, yet you're getting a little bit of water underneath the home because you called because your water is leaking underneath the house or your sewers leaking and you notice water build up. We go underneath there and touched the wrong thing.

You're dead right there underneath the house and in fact the one guy died in Dallas last year and I think maybe one or two in Houston. So let me right out of the gate, we're talking about highly skilled, pretty dangerous stuff on some, some levels, not all jobs, but some levels pretty dangerous, maybe not even for us, but for our customers as well. Um, so that right out of the gate just shows that it's a different industry than what's given on the top of the surface. And on top of that, not only having just the great people that we work with, you know, we have to be able to give them what they need, meaning we have to have the equipment, the freight, right? Yeah. So that's another cost of hiring a plumbing company. Not only, I mean, some guys will show up in a regular truck that's not a plumbing company, that's a guy pretending to be a plumber most of the time, which is called a handyman, a plumbing company.

A has to have a various array of tools and equipment to handle all the different things you have going on in your house. We have to be prepared for whatever you call for the fleet that handles that kind of equipment and tools and material is very specialized and unfortunately it's not extremely cheap, so we have to make sure that our guys are in a good position to take care of you. Right? Absolutely. And we've got to get with marked vehicles, right? Absolutely, and I mean that we do that again for the customer to give them peace of mind. They knew who showing up. He's going to be ready. He's going to be able to take care of the problem that is a, that's what you call a plumbing company and why you should hire a plumbing company. You know, we're in the service industry, you know, we talk day in, day out with our guys about giving five star service.

Right. Would you not say that's a regular conversation daily. We want to absolutely make sure that every one of our customers will receive five star service for whatever reason. If they ever. Don't we want to make sure that they do and get on top of it as soon as possible? Well, that comes with a lot of things that go into it and I think that the expectation of the the community and the public is that when they call for service, especially in this day and age, when do they want it? Now? We want it now. We want it yesterday for instant gratification society. Absolutely. Give it to me now. So in order to do that, well, we have to have staffing, right? If we required our plumbers to answer the phones, to take care of their customers, we would never get anywhere. So we have a whole office staff of brick and mortar office that you can come to a visit.

We have personnel in there that are trained and capable of handling your problems from a foam perspective and an office perspective. We have all the necessary tools in and extras that go along with it. I'm going to call it that. Make our service to you seamless, right? Paperless invoicing emails. We want to communicate with you better than anybody else. So we're sending you text messages, we're sending you photographs of our technicians before they get there. We're doing, we're trying to go above and beyond to make sure that you feel comfortable, you feel safe, and you feel that five star service, you get the experience you deserve. That's exactly. That's our mission. Yeah. You know, we don't want you to. A lot of people, uh, unfortunately cringe sometimes when they go. We don't want you to feel that way. We want you to feel, hey, I got a highly skilled professional showing up to my home.

I got a highly skilled professional answering the phone when I call and I feel comfortable that, hey, this company from a to z is going to take care of my every need. Absolutely. Talk about insurance. Oh, that's another big one. We have state required insurance. We have vehicle insurance and it is extremely expensive. Insurance is good. There's two types of insurance. When you're talking about general liability, it goes off payroll or it goes off sales and either one of those. As you grow, of course insurance grows and becomes more expensive. Our insurance, as far as our company is concerned, is very expensive. It's in the six figures and I consider that expensive. Yeah. Just like you consider plumbing is expensive. Well, yeah it is, but in the grand scheme of things, it's really not like John was saying, but again, I think that's one of those things that we have and carry again, for the benefit of our customers.

If something forever, whatever reason didn't go as we planned and we had a mistake because we are human and mistakes do happen where we have what's necessary to have them covered and have them taken care of again, from a to z. You know what my motto is, take care of it now. Don't wait. Things happen. We do make mistakes. We're human. Like John Just said, we make mistakes every single day and then in saying that, it's how the company handles that mistake and I have always been that guy where if there is a mistake made, we've already left the house, we're coming right back to fix it. No wait time. Nope. We take care of our customers. Yeah. Again, not to be a really big thing to me, again, not to be repetitive, the five star, right? We want you to feel that five. Let's right at fivestar feeling, so what does it cost to hire a plumbing company?

What does it cost to hire a plumbing guy? Right? It goes back to our whole topic is you're going to spend a little money. Yeah. I think it goes into that whole saying everybody's heard this before. You get what you pay for. Absolutely. If you want the, you know, sometimes you look out, but consistently, again, I'm so excited about this next year is going to be our 40th anniversary service in the Houston area and to be around that long, right. Family owned family ran a. It stands for a lot and you know, to me that I'm really passionate about that and so that just shows that we're doing it right. It is, you know, there's a saying out there, I want to say is the high cost of low price, if all you were focused on is a price and that's all that matters to you at the end of the day could cost you a lot more. Yeah. So be careful who you hire, make sure you vet them and make sure it is a company that is going to be here tomorrow to service you and they were here yesterday. Absolutely. Right. That's all we got for today. That's it. Tune in for next week's next episode. We'll see you then. I'm just waiting on John. Thank you.

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