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Professional Clogged Shower Repair in Houston

Clogged Shower Repair in Houston

Have you noticed your shower drains a lot slower than it used to? Does the water level seem to get a little higher every time you shower? Have you noticed that there is a foul odor in the air around your shower?

Don’t put your house on the market just yet. Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services can guide you through your clogged shower repair in Houston.

Clogged shower drains occur for basically one reason. Hair collects beneath the drain cover, which then attracts all the soapy residue and other particles as the shower drains. This primordial ooze also contains bacteria, so eventually…it’s going to start to stink. A splash of bleach will kill any odors temporarily; but nature being a cruel mistress, the bacteria will return. Along with the smell.

You should make it a point to periodically clear your shower drains by removing the shower drain cover (almost universally attached with a single Phillips head screw), and simply pulling out any visible hair and other debris. Using a snake or an even a coat hanger to pull additional hair and whatnot from further down in the drain can help to alleviate the immediate problem of your clogged shower repair in Houston.

Chemical drain cleaners are rarely effective for clogged shower drains. These types of drain cleaners are highly corrosive. They clear your clog by chemically dissolving the hair and other debris…imagine the effect that has on your shower drain pipes. They are messy, costly, and even if they provide a temporary solution to a clogged shower repair in Houston, they are only masking what could be a larger, costlier problem.

If you’re experiencing a shower clog, slow drainage, or any other issues that require drain cleaningplumbers in Houston, call Nick’s Plumbing Sewer Services today to schedule your clogged shower repair in Houston service call.

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