Professional Plumbing Installation in Houston

Your home’s plumbing system comprises three major components: the water supply system, drainage system, and appliances. Any plumbing fixtures starting from where the city supply leaves your water meter to enter the home, through to your sewer and drain lines to the city sewer system, requires professional installation. 

Installing any parts of these systems is not a do-it-yourself task for the average homeowner. In fact, in Texas, residential plumbing work can only be performed by a licensed plumber. A homeowner can perform unlicensed plumbing work under certain exemptions within their homestead, however, connecting to the city or municipal system will require an inspection by a licensed plumber.

There are standards and local codes that need to be followed for plumbing installation procedures. Still, the design of individual homes and other variables determine things such as pipe sizes and the number of fixtures.

What Are the Major Components of Plumbing Systems?

Water Supply Lines: Pressurized water enters your property via the connection from the water meter and a pressure regulator to prevent over-pressurization that can damage pipes. Depending on when your home was built, these supply lines can be of steel, copper, or even PVC (rigid plastic) construction. At some point, the main water supply is branched off with a plumbing tee to create two supply lines, one for cold water and one to be sent to a heater for hot water. 

Faucets, Showerheads, Toilets, Hose Bibs: The convenience of modern in-home plumbing makes water delivery or drainage something we take for granted as homeowners. Every time you turn on a faucet, flush a toilet or empty the bathtub, wear and tear is occurring in your plumbing fixtures, either from the moving of mechanical parts or from the effects of the water itself. Corrosion, mineral build-up, pitting, and complete failure will eventually occur in all plumbing appliances, requiring new plumbing installations. 

Water Heaters: Easily the most used plumbing appliance in any home, our water heaters are on duty twenty-four hours a day. Water heaters ensure that we have enough hot water for everyday needs like bathing, cleaning, and cooking. Tank-type water heaters have an average lifespan of 7 – 10 years, where tankless units can last more than 20 years. Regular maintenance of your water heater is key to how many years of service you can expect.

Drain and Sewer Lines: Everything that comes out of your faucets or gets in your bathtub and sink drains ends up in your sewer line. Keeping an eye on what gets into your drains is crucial to preventing clogs or leaks. Try to stay away from putting things like rice, pasta, or cooking grease into your garbage disposal, as these will create a sticky mass in your drain. Regular use of a do-it-yourself drain cleaner, like vinegar and baking soda or an enzyme-based drain cleaner like Bio-One, will go a long way to ensuring your drainage system’s proper operation.

When Do I Need to Consider New Plumbing Installation? 

One of the primary considerations when installing new plumbing fixtures is the age of the home. Most homes built before the 1970s still have galvanized steel plumbing lines for both supply and drainage. Since that time, the trend has been toward easier to install PEX (flexible plastic) or anti-microbial copper lines. 

There are many reasons why a homeowner may decide it is time to install new plumbing pipes in their home. Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom or completely remodeling your home, you need competent plumbing installation experts to make sure the job gets done right. 

Who Do I Call For Proper Plumbing Installations?

Water heaters, sewer lines, and under slab pipes are all items that require specific knowledge and training to install. Nick’s Plumbing Service have been providing that knowledge and training to their technicians who have been serving Houston and the surrounding areas since 1979.

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen or perhaps adding a bathroom to your home? Nick’s Plumbing Service technicians will work with your designer and contractor to ensure your rough draft’s satisfaction to final inspection.


Nick's Plumbing Installation Services Include:

Need to replace a sink or toilet? Maybe you just want that fancy new faucet in your bathtub. For a cost evaluation or a second opinion on any new plumbing installations, call Nick’s Plumbing Service today, we’re on the way.

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