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Professional Bathtub Installation in Houston

The last Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra did it in donkey’s milk. The famous Australian opera singer of the Victorian era, Dame Nellie Melba, did it in Champagne. But have you ever done it in something or than warm water? Bathe, that is. If you’re an avid regular bather. Or someone who’s always wanted to install a bathtub in your home but has never had the chance, then now’s the time, and we’re your people: Nick’s Plumbing Services. 

Why would you want to install a new bathtub?  

Many of us spend a lot of time in our bathroom. Whether it’s looking at ourselves in the mirror as we groom, prep, or style. Our bathroom should be a place of cleansing and rejuvenation, both physically and mentally. If this room looks a little less than inviting, primarily because of an old bathtub with scratches on its surface and brown rings around it, then it’s time to change things in your bathroom.

Time to update the look

You may want a new style for your bathroom to suit your tastes or because you’re going to sell your home. Either way, it’s a fantastic investment. If you anticipate selling your home, a bathroom renovation, including installing a new bathtub, is a great way to obtain top price. Prospective buyers are always impressed with a top-of-the-line bathroom!

You need to adapt your bathroom

Depending on your family’s needs, you may require a bathroom suited to your specific needs. For instance, if you have small children who aren’t yet able to bathe themselves, then installing a bathtub in your bathroom becomes essential. More specifically, a bathtub with an edge low enough that you’re able to kneel down and help them bathe.

Conversely, you may have older family members such as grandparents who can’t use a shower but can no longer use a traditional bathtub. Instead, they need one that offers features specifically designed for seniors or individuals who have mobility issues.

Bathtub needs extensive repairs

Suppose your bathtub is starting to crack or chip, instead of spending money on constant repairs. In that case, it’s more economical to invest in a good quality bathtub upgrade. Not only will it look better, but it also won’t cost as much, and bathing will be a much more pleasurable experience. 

The bathtub is old and ugly.

There are less expensive options than replacing an old and unsightly bathtub, such as re-glazing it. But when your tub is showing significant dents, rust, it may be signs that it’s time to replace it altogether. Remember, one of the biggest offenders in damaging the smooth surface of bathtubs is abrasive cleaners.

What to consider before installing a new bathtub

1. Tub Size

Bathtubs come in as many different styles and sizes as people who use them. Choosing the correct size based on the area in the bathroom you have allotted for it can be challenging. But don’t rush through this step. Take the time to make sure you do it properly. Standard bathtubs are around 60 inches in length and 32 inches wide. If your last tub was a bit tight in terms of space, this time order one that’s a bit longer.

2. Tub Shape

Was your former tub comfortable to lie in? While you’re shopping for a new one, make sure you step into a few showroom tubs and get a feel for what they’re like. Choose a shape and slope that matches your needs. This is also an opportunity to choose a different style for your new tub.

3. Bathtub Weight

If you’re buying a bigger bathtub, remember to calculate the new bathtub’s weight and if the floor can tolerate it- especially full! Without having to put in new structural supports. This is the type of question you will need a builder to answer for you. At Nick’s Plumbing Service, we recommend that you have a professional inspection before you make any sort of bathtub purchase just to be certain.

4. Tub Height & Depth

Consider the tub height relative to the floor.  An inset is one that can be installed literally into the floor.  It certainly can save on space because you literally step down into it. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to make more of a statement, you can choose a very elegant bathtub surround with an elevated tub. 

Consider as well how deep the tub should be. If you can step into a showroom model of the tub, you’re considering buying. If you enjoy soaking for long periods, you’ll need a tub between 18 and 22 inches deep, depending on the style. As with any of these choices, you always make sure you’ve enough structural support underneath to hold the tub.

5. Foundation Materials

What will your bathtub be made of? More specifically, what will the core and inner surface of it consist of? Today’s standard tubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass construction that keeps the interior as hollow as possible, making it light in weight. The heavier tubs are made of enamel or concrete, even marble. Yes, they are incredibly durable, but they’re also incredibly heavy and expensive. 

6. Pipe Placement

Drain and pipe placement are critical when installing a new bathtub. If you have to move a drain, it can be a costly and complicated job. At Nick’s Plumbing Service, we recommend that you find a tub with a matching drain placement. Additionally, if you’ve got a tub and shower combination, identical showerhead placement is also essential.

How much does it cost to install a bathtub?

The average cost of a standard bathtub is $350. The price for a bathtub installation and parts can range anywhere from $150-$10,000. The labor to either install a bathtub or repair it can range from $650-$1,400.

Should I install my own bathtub?

No. Installing a bathtub is not a simple job; it requires many complicated steps that a licensed plumber has been trained to do. Typically, installing a bathtub is one part of a larger job, such as re-modeling your entire bathroom. If that is the task you’re undertaking, you will be working with an electrician, plumber, and a general contractor.

Too often, we at Nick’s Plumbing Services we’ve received panicked calls from customers who’ve tried to install their own bathtubs. They’ve either followed a video online or a step-by-step procedure in a book, but they’ve missed a part. As a result, they’ve got water seeping through their first-floor ceiling, or their bathtub is wobbly. They’ve called us to come out and help them remedy the situation. 

A new bathtub is within reach

Maybe you’ve been wanting to install a new bathtub as part of a long-overdue bathroom renovation project. Or your bathtub now needs to be accessible for your entire family. At Nick’s Plumbing Service, we can help. With over 40 years of experience in the Houston area, we’ll be more than happy to put our expertise to work!

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