Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Houston

Drain clogs don’t happen overnight. They creep up slowly, building their strength. 

Drain clogs get a little help forming every time someone scrapes their dinner plate into the kitchen sink, expecting the garbage disposal to take care of the chicken bones and pasta. 

Drain clogs get a little help every time you take a shower or a bath, and use shampoos and soaps that leave a sticky residue in your pipes that attract hair, dirt, and other debris until it forms an impassable blockage of muck. 

Drain clogs get lots of help every time you use too much toilet paper or flush feminine hygiene products or paper towels down the toilet. The less water-degradable items will begin to bunch up in the U-bend of your toilet, causing your toilet to flush incompletely or clog entirely.

We’re not very good at treating our plumbing well, and we ask an awful lot of it. Every so often, our plumbing has to remind us of the importance of maintenance and what happens when you neglect it. When your plumbing has finally had enough, you will need the drain cleaning services of a local, reliable Houston plumbing company. 

What are the Signs I Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

  • Slow Drains in One or More Rooms
  • Offensive Smells from Clogged Sink or Shower Drains
  • Sudden Appearance of Gurgling or Rattling Sounds
  • Wastewater Backing Up into Sinks or Showers
  • Chronically Clogging Toilets

Do I Need a Plumbing Company for a Clogged Drain Repair?

If your issue is isolated to a single clogged toilet or kitchen drain, you may be able to dislodge the blockage with a plunger. If that works, congratulate yourself on a job well done; but don’t let your guard down just yet. Pay extra attention to that drain or toilet and ensure it functions normally. Repeated clogs in the same drain can signify a more significant clog or a broken pipe further down in the plumbing system. 

Do not attempt to use any chemical-based drain cleaner to clear any clog, not only because they only “partially” work but because they also happen to be highly hazardous. Chemical-based drain cleaners contain compounds like sulfuric acid and lye, which can cause serious injury if misused. 

These chemicals must be powerful, as they need to cut through and dissolve hair, cooking grease, wadded-up toilet paper, and anything else we put down our drains. While these powerful chemicals are burning their way through the clog, they’re also doing structural damage to your drain and sewer lines, which could result in enormous repair bills.

What Can Nick’s Plumbing Do About My Clogged Drains?

Get Drains Flowing Freely

Nick’s starts our assault on your drain clogs with high-pressure plungers and manual drain snakes. If your blockage is isolated to a single drain, it generally means the clog isn’t far from the drain opening, and these tools are usually sufficient for basic drain cleaning repair tasks.

Get the Stink Out of Your Plumbing

The inside of a drain or sewer pipe is a filthy, disgusting environment. Think about it. Every awful thing you put down the sink drain, rinse off yourself in the shower, and flush down the toilet has to follow that path out of the city sewer line. In a perfect world, our sewer lines would remove 100% of that hair, soap scum, human waste, and food waste. Since life isn’t fair, some of that crud can get caught in sink and bathtub drain traps and U-pipes in toilets.

Your plumbing may be functioning perfectly, except every time you flush the toilet or use the shower, but something just doesn’t smell right. Let Nick’s Plumbing check and remove that mess from your drain traps, utility drains, toilet flanges, or even your entire sewer line.

Investigate Noisy Pipes

The nature of the soil here in the Houston area means our homes are prone to settling and foundation issues quite frequently. Some homes experience settling significant enough to begin to pull plumbing connections apart where they enter or leave the house. 

Broken sections of water supply lines waste hundreds of gallons of water every day and can further wash away your foundation. Broken sewer lines leak wastewater directly into the soil around your home and are a health hazard that requires immediate attention. You can be fined daily by your city or municipal water supplier for failure to report and repair sewer line breaks on your property. 

Your Drain and Sewer Line May Need Hydro-Jetting

Blockages in multiple bathrooms, toilets that clog repeatedly, and wastewater backing up into your bathroom and kitchen are your sewer line screaming for attention. Plungers and snakes aren’t going to make a dent in a 20-year build-up of cooking grease and body wash residue. You need a serious weapon to tackle a severe sewer pipe blockage, and that weapon is called Hydro Jetting.

Hydro-jetting is the AK-47 of the plumber’s arsenal of drain cleaning weapons, turning water into a stream pressurized to 40,000 psi to dislodge and flush away any residue in your sewer line. When the process is complete, Nick’s Plumbing will perform an internal inspection of your sewer line to confirm that it has been cleared. Return your drain and sewer lines to like-new condition with hydro-jetting service.

Nick's Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services Include:

Let Nick’s Plumbing Help You Get Your Flow Back!

Nick’s Plumbing has been providing expert drain cleaning services in Houston since 1979, clearing kitchen drains, garbage disposals, bathroom sinks, shower drains, and anything else that can clog your home. 

Whether it’s clogged kitchen sinks, bubbling bathtub drains, or grumpy garbage disposals, our licensed, fully background-checked staff of plumbing technicians are trained, experienced, and arrive with the parts and tools to solve the problem. Find out why Nick’s Plumbing is one of Google’s highest-rated plumbing companies in the Houston area. 

Call Nick’s Today; We’re on the Way! 

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