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Keep up with Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning Blog to learn expert tips about common plumbing and air conditioning problems and concerns. You’ll find useful information about plumbing and HVAC maintenance, repairs and more.

The Cost of AC Installations ExplainedThe Cost of AC Installations Explained

The Cost of AC Installations Explained

Here we are on the brink of yet another hot, humid summer season in Houston, TX, when the air conditioner becomes the most essential appliance in your home. An air conditioner is not merely a luxury in South Texas; it's an absolute necessity, so much so that many southern US states didn't see an increase…
smart faucetssmart faucets

A Complete Introduction to Smart Faucet Technology

So far, in our recent run of blogs geared toward plumbing technology, we’ve introduced you to Smart Showers, Smart Thermostats, and even a Smart Water Valve that can automatically shut of the flow of water into your home. In keeping our blogs on top of the latest innovative home technology products, we present to you the Smart…
French Drains ExplainedFrench Drains Explained

French Drains Explained

Poor drainage issues around the outside of your home can create a long list of problems, from standing water in the yard to cracks in your foundation. Water is the most destructive element on earth, and if you’ve ever heard the saying “water always finds its way” and wondered what it meant, look at the…
Smart Thermostats All AboutSmart Thermostats All About

What are Smart Thermostats All About?

Thermostat: an automatic device for regulating temperature.  In the HVAC world, there are three types of thermostats currently in use. Mechanical: In use since the 1600s, mechanical thermostats use sensors to monitor the temperature of a room, and when a pre-set temperature is reached, engage either a furnace or air conditioner. Whatever appliance the thermostat activates will remain on…
Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Ups in HoustonSpring Air Conditioning Tune-Ups in Houston

Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Ups in Houston

It's that time of year again. Spring is about to…well, it's about to spring upon us, bringing warmer temperatures, better weather, and allergies; all the things we look forward to every year. We all look forward to having an air conditioning system that will be able to keep up with the soon-to-arrive heat and humidity…
Gas Line Installation for Home GeneratorsGas Line Installation for Home Generators

Gas Line Installation for Home Generators

Were you one of the thousands of Houstonians without power for days during our record-breaking cold spell in February? If so, chances are, you've been doing some research on how to keep that from ever happening again.  There is little doubt that here in Texas, we're going to face another situation where power goes out…
Houston Drain CleaningHouston Drain Cleaning

Houston Drain Cleaning Guide & Tips

Maintaining clear drains is crucial to preventing clogs and complete stoppages of drain pipes and sewer lines. Kitchen sinks and their integrated garbage disposals encourage homeowners to cram everything left on our plates and in our pots and pans into our drains. Sure, garbage disposals are a tremendous convenience when cleaning up after a family…
Should I Re-Pipe My House?Should I Re-Pipe My House?

Should I Repipe My House?

Part of the responsibility of owning a home is the occasional costs associated with significant plumbing repairs. Most of the plumbing-related repairs and expenses we incur can be considered relatively minor, like repairing a leaky faucet or clearing a clogged drain. When older plumbing systems start to break down, they do not do it gracefully. Leaking pipes, reduced…
Drain & Sewer Line Stoppages HoustonDrain & Sewer Line Stoppages Houston

Drain and Sewer Line Stoppages

One of the most common synonyms for the word 'stoppage' is obstruction. When a plumber refers to an obstruction, they are most often discussing a blockage in either a sewer or drain line. For many of our clients at Nick's Plumbing & Air Conditioning, 'headache' is the most common synonym they use for the word…
The Importance of HVAC MaintenanceThe Importance of HVAC Maintenance

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

When it comes to the comfortability and cleanliness of the air around you and your family, there is no more critical task than regular maintenance of your HVAC system. We ask many of our HVAC systems, especially those in southeast Texas, with our 100-degree summer days and unexplainable 20-degree with stiff wind winter nights. When…
hot water buying guide in houstonhot water buying guide in houston

Hot Water Heater Buying Guide in Houston

The task of having to buy a water heater involves more than walking into a big-box store and selecting the first one that catches your eye. For over 40 years, at Nick's Plumbing and AC, our business has known the differences between the hundreds of hot water tanks available on the market and what they…
HVAC Heating System Tune-UpsHVAC Heating System Tune-Ups

HVAC Heating System Tune-Ups

There’s nothing like that first cold snap in Houston. When you get to break-out your limited collection of sweaters, light your fireplace, turn on the heat in your home, sit back and enjoy the cool air. Hold it, cold air? This is not the time of year for your HVAC system to be pumping cold air through…
Sewer Line Cleaning in HoustonSewer Line Cleaning in Houston

Sewer Line Cleaning in Houston

You're enjoying a nice warm shower relaxing in your new stall when after a few minutes, you realize you're standing in a few inches of soapy water. Your shower isn't draining correctly.  You're busy preparing a large dinner for the family when the food waste you've poured down the drain has suddenly come right back…
what's new in water heater technologywhat's new in water heater technology

What’s New in Water Heater Technology?

From the day they were invented, the water heaters in our homes have remained almost entirely unchanged. Since 1889, when Edwin Ruud designed the first gas-fired, storage tank-type water heater in Philadelphia, PA, there hasn't been much evolution in their design. It makes sense; if something works, don't change it; thus, a large metal tank…

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