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Keep up with Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning Blog to learn expert tips about common plumbing and air conditioning problems and concerns. You’ll find useful information about plumbing and HVAC maintenance, repairs and more.

Sewer Line Cleaning in Houston

Sewer Line Cleaning in Houston

You're enjoying a nice warm shower relaxing in your new stall when after a few minutes, you realize you're standing in a few inches of soapy water. Your shower isn't draining correctly.  You're busy preparing a large dinner for the family when the food waste you've poured down the drain has suddenly come right back…
what's new in water heater technology

What’s New in Water Heater Technology?

From the day they were invented, the water heaters in our homes have remained almost entirely unchanged. Since 1889, when Edwin Ruud designed the first gas-fired, storage tank-type water heater in Philadelphia, PA, there hasn't been much evolution in their design. It makes sense; if something works, don't change it; thus, a large metal tank…
solutions to common central heating problems article by Nick's plumbing

Solutions to Common Central Heating Problems

Winter is fast approaching. Of course, here in Houston, that statement doesn't mean quite the same thing as it would in upstate New York, but southeast Texas does experience a few yearly cold snaps. Those of us who live in this sub-tropical climate year-round can be caught off-guard by the random 25-degree morning that brings…
preparing your plumbing for the holidays

Preparing Your Plumbing For The Holidays

Preparing Your Plumbing for the Holidays – Quickie for Thanksgiving While you’re getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays, the farthest thing from your mind is what is happening with your plumbing. The truth is, plumbing companies see a significant upturn in emergency service calls during the holiday season. The simple reason for that…
hand under tap water

Hot Water Recirculation Systems

We use hot water for so many daily tasks in our home, with cleaning, bathing, and cooking almost impossible without a water heater. In keeping up with this demand, our water heaters put in 24-hour days, seven days a week, maintaining the water temperature inside a steel tank. Water Heaters Haven’t Aged Much. Since their…
kids swimming inside the house with plumbing problems

How to Avoid Buying a Home with Plumbing Problems

We've all done it.  Searching out the perfect home for you and your family can be a long, torturous process that saps all your energy for weeks or even months.  And then it happens. You find THE house. After countless internet searches, open houses, and meeting more realtors than anyone should have to endure, the perfect place reveals…
Plumber Conducting an Important Plumbing Inspection on a Home

Why Are Plumbing Inspections So Important?

Normal wear and tear, as well as the simple settling of your house, can wreak havoc on your pipes and other plumbing fixtures. As rust and corrosion settle into older, galvanized pipes, it can lead to discolored water and strange smells from your faucets. Built-up grease, hair, and other dirt in your pipes will coagulate…
plumber operating sewer cleaning machine

Let’s Learn About Sewer Cleanouts

Sewer cleanouts are a crucial part of your home's plumbing system, as they allow for access to your drains and sewer lines without having to dig up your yard or tear out walls. Depending on your home's age, you may have as few as one or as many as ten access points for sewer line…
mother with son and dog - Furnace Company

How Important is a Furnace in Houston

It's the beginning of October, and it's time to close the books on another hot and humid Houston summer. If you're like us, thanks to the pandemic, you probably spent a lot more time inside your home during the summer of 2020 than in any year prior. Through it all, there was one home appliance…
clogged sink

How Do Plumbers Unclog Drains?

OK, you've got a drain clog.  Please don't panic; it isn't the end of the world. In a recent blog, we described how a homeowner could clear their own drain clogs safely. If you're looking for a DIY method to clear your drain, you can find that blog here: This time out, we're going to…
water heaters

How To Extend The Life of Your Water Heater

Water heaters have a pretty long life expectancy, particularly in light of what we ask from them. For a tank-type water heater, the average lifespan is between 7 and 10 years; for tankless units, they're known to last upwards of twenty years. Your tank-type water heater is working twenty-four hours a day, keeping anywhere between…
man repairing the sink

Do-It-Yourself Drain Maintenance

Maintaining free-flowing drains is one of the essential do-it-yourself tasks a homeowner can perform. By keeping troublesome clogs from blocking the drain and sewer pipes, you can extend your existing plumbing life by decades. The residue from everything we put into our drains builds up over time, leaving grease and soap clinging to your pipes'…

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