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The Importance of Professional Plumbing Installation

As a blog writer for a plumbing company, I get many requests for content about “do-it-yourself” plumbing options. There are several tasks that the homeowner can do to maintain their plumbing system, and a handy homeowner is probably well-versed in adjusting a running toilet or fixing a drippy faucet by changing out the cartridge. 

In fact, even as a plumbing company that makes money on running toilets and sink cartridges—Nick’s Plumbing wants our customers to be educated when it’s time for your next major plumbing installation.  

Plumbing Installation is OK for the Homeowner, But Not the Handyman.

There’s a good chance you aren’t aware of this, but it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed plumber to do plumbing work in Texas. However, under what is known as a “homesteader’s exemption,” the homeowner themselves can perform plumbing work. A licensed plumber will be required to finish the job if any help is needed beyond the homeowner’s ability.

Even though Texas Occupations Code Section 1301.051 states that a homeowner can perform their own plumbing—unless you are already a licensed, trained professional plumber—we recommend that you don’t. 

Plumbing systems are extremely complex, and without a thorough understanding of things like sewer cleanouts, sewer vent pipes, U-traps, or where the main shut-off valve for the home’s water supply is, you can only end up doing more harm than good. 

So, About that Handyman…

Yeah, go ahead and cancel the appointment with the local “Chuck in a Truck.” Sure, he can get it done for half the price of a professional plumber, but his work will not pass city inspection, preventing your home from receiving water service. Other possible side effects of hiring a handyman for your plumbing job may include inferior materials, uneven water pressure, faulty plumbing fixtures, and clogged drain and sewer lines

Talk to your Nick’s, your local plumbing company since 1979, about any of these symptoms of “handyman-itis” and get your prescription for professional plumbing filled today! 

What is it That a Plumber Has that Handymen Lack?

Without getting into the direction our plumbing technicians would like to take this—while extremely hilarious, it’s inappropriate for a plumbing blog. Use your imagination. Anyway, what we can pass on is that handymen lack the one thing necessary for someone to do work on someone else’s home—a plumbing license. 

Lack of Expertise and Experience.

Professional plumbing companies have trained and licensed plumbers with extensive knowledge and experience handling various plumbing systems and issues. They undergo rigorous training and stay updated with the latest industry standards, ensuring they can accurately diagnose problems, offer effective solutions, and perform high-quality work. 

Handymen tend to learn their trade as they earn, taking on projects that may be new to them to gain experience. Don’t let an unskilled laborer “practice” on your house; hire a licensed plumbing company. Something as simple as turning a wrench too hard or neglecting to install a single washer can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. 

Lack of Proper Licensing and Insurance.

In a continuation of the last paragraph, poorly installed plumbing work can result in thousands in additional repairs, not just to your pipes, but to walls, floors, ceilings, and even your home’s foundation can be destroyed or damaged by the plumbing work of “less than competent” hired hands. When catastrophes caused by a service provider’s negligence occur, someone has to be held responsible and pay for that damage. 

It is highly unlikely that your “Chuck in a Truck” is carrying adequate business insurance to cover the cost of a $20,000 mistake. He probably doesn’t even have insurance on the truck. You’re going to have a difficult time—at best—convincing your homeowner’s insurance company to pay out the claim, especially when they learn that ‘ol Chuck doesn’t have a Texas Plumbing License. 

Your only hope for recovery of any sort in that situation is a visit to a small claims court, where jurisdictional limits may prohibit you from covering all your damages. 

Lack of Access to Tools and Equipment.

Professional plumbing companies have access to specialized tools, equipment, and technology essential for accurate diagnostics, efficient repairs, and proper installations. They invest in the right tools to complete the job efficiently and effectively, ensuring quality workmanship.

Handymen are usually working with a much smaller budget for tools and equipment, and since they handle all sorts of tasks, there’s a good chance their plumber’s toolkit contains nothing more than a monkey wrench and some Teflon tape. 

Lack of Compliance with Codes and Regulations.

One of the benefits of being a handyman without a plumbing license is not having to worry about all those pesky rules and regulations the state has for plumbing work. 

Plumbing companies must adhere to local building codes and regulations, submit permit forms for complex jobs, and arrange for city or local municipality inspections to ensure the work is done properly. 

Lack of Reliable and Timely Service.

Plumbing emergencies can occur anytime, and professional plumbing companies often provide 24/7 emergency services. The local handyman doesn’t have a 24-hour-a-day answering service to deal with scheduling late-night or weekend calls. If Chuck doesn’t feel like answering his cell phone over the weekend, you’re stuck until Monday. 

Lack of Long-Term Value and Warranty.

While a handyman may be capable of handling simple plumbing tasks, complex plumbing systems and issues require the expertise and knowledge that professional plumbing companies offer. In hiring an inexperienced, unlicensed plumber, you run the risk of unreliable, inefficient, and long-lasting plumbing solutions while minimizing risks and maximizing the value of your investment.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumbing Company?

Licensing and Certification. 

In Texas, professional plumbers are required to obtain specific licenses and certifications to practice plumbing legally. These licenses ensure that plumbers have undergone proper training, possess the necessary knowledge, and are current with local plumbing codes and regulations. Handymen may not have the same level of training or hold the required licenses to perform plumbing work in accordance with the law. 

Thorough Understanding of the Complexity of Plumbing Systems.

Plumbing systems can be complex, involving water supply, drainage, gas lines, and various fixtures. Professional plumbers have the expertise and experience to handle these intricate systems effectively. They understand how the different components work together and can diagnose and address problems accurately. A handyman may need more specialized knowledge and experience to handle complex plumbing systems, increasing the risk of errors or incomplete repairs.

Timely Service, Priority Scheduling for Emergencies.

Professional plumbing companies understand the importance of prompt response and aim to resolve plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. This ensures minimal disruption to your daily life and reduces the risk of further damage or costly repairs.

Compliance with Building Codes.

To ensure safety and functionality, plumbing work must adhere to specific building codes and regulations. Licensed plumbing companies in Texas are well-versed in these codes and know how to carry out plumbing installations and repairs accordingly. By hiring a professional plumbing company, you can be confident that the work will meet the required standards, minimizing the risk of potential safety hazards or issues with future inspections.

Insurance Coverage.

Professional plumbing companies typically carry liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients in the event of accidents, damages, or injuries during the plumbing work. This insurance coverage provides you with added peace of mind and protects you from potential liability. Handymen may have a different level of insurance coverage, putting you at risk if something goes wrong during the project.

Long-Term Reliability.

Plumbing work done by professional companies tends to be more reliable and durable. They use high-quality materials, have access to specialized tools, and are familiar with the latest plumbing techniques and technologies. This ensures that the repairs or installations are done properly, reducing the likelihood of recurring issues or the need for costly repairs in the future.

Warranty and Guarantee.

Reputable plumbing companies often provide warranties or guarantees for their work. If any issues arise after the service, they will address them at no additional cost. This level of assurance is typically not offered by handymen, who may need help to provide the same level of post-service support.

By hiring a professional plumbing company in Texas, you can benefit from their expertise, adherence to regulations, insurance coverage, long-term reliability, and warranties. These factors contribute to a higher likelihood of successful plumbing projects and a reduced risk of future complications or additional expenses.

Choose Nick’s Plumbing for Your Plumbing Installation Needs!

Nick’s Plumbing has been a part of Houston’s business community since 1979, solving every type of plumbing issue, from minor plumbing repairs like stopped-up toilets and whole-house re-pipes to sewer line replacements. For over 40 years, Nick’s served all of Houston and the surrounding area from our 1,500-square-foot warehouse in the Heights. We’ve recently expanded to a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, where we are able to maintain a better inventory of parts and fixtures most commonly needed by our customers. 

Don’t forget that Nick’s Plumbing only hires the best technicians the Houston market has to offer and that each one is licensed, experienced, and fully background checked before they ever put on Nick’s uniform. 

Call Nick’s today to discuss your current plumbing situation and arrange an appointment to inspect and evaluate your plumbing system.

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