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Professional Commercial Plumbing Services in Houston

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing is associated with all plumbing systems and related components installed in and used by businesses. Commercial plumbing installations have an increased complexity compared to those of a residential plumbing system, often with multiple sinks and toilets in many bathrooms on various floors. 

Plumbing is all about supply pipes, water flow, and drainage. Whether it’s in the home or a commercial building, water flows downhill, so the job description between a residential and commercial plumber is similar. The main difference between residential and commercial plumbing installations is the complexity of the system. Multiple bathrooms with several toilets on numerous floors require a water supply and access to a drainage system and the main sewer line. 

Many commercial plumbing installations take a pretty good beating, especially in the area of food preparation. It doesn’t take much to clog a sewer line, even in a well-maintained system. Food-related waste accounts for a large portion of our commercial plumbing repair at Nick’s Plumbing Service.

What do commercial plumbers do?

Commercial plumber’s role is to take the knowledge they have of residential plumbing systems and engineer it to a larger scale for use in businesses with commercial kitchens and multiple bathrooms. Installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial plumbing systems is far more complicated than residential systems.  

Commercial plumbers need to be able to take gravity, water pressure, and even the pipes’ angle into consideration to deliver water supply and waste drainage services to your business. 

Commercial plumbers need to be large-scale problem solvers. Commercial installations usually include several floors, each with its bathrooms, kitchens, and drain lines. Commercial plumbers need to be mindful of the effect a repair made in one unit will have on the rest of the building. Drain clogs, specifically, are a challenge to commercial plumbers in that blockages must be removed without causing a clog further down the shared sewer or drain lines.

Are all licensed plumbers considered commercial plumbers?

All licensed plumbers in Texas are required to take several hours of commercial plumbing-specific classroom training. So, yes, all licensed plumbers can perform commercial plumbing work. 

In addition to the state requirements, Nick’s Plumbing Service provides our licensed technicians with hours of hands-on commercial plumbing training and hundreds of hours of experience in the field.

What should you look for when hiring a commercial plumber?

It is crucial to execute due diligence when selecting a commercial plumber.  To ensure you choose the best company for your commercial plumbing needs, the following are a few steps to bear in mind when hiring a one. 

1. Licensed, Bonded and insured

A reputable commercial plumber should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Remember, this is your business; you shouldn’t take any chances with an unprofessional company or subpar work on your plumbing. Always check that their license is current on their website, it’s clearly displayed on their commercial vehicles, and their business cards. Do this before you agree to hire them for any work.

Of equal importance is to make sure they’re bonded. If they are, that means you’re protected against unfinished jobs or damage to your property if the plumber fails to adhere to state regulations. If you make a claim against them, the bond will cover it.

The company should also carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance for its technicians to protect against any accidents. You certainly don’t want to get entangled in any type of long-drawn legal battle because the company you hired did not have the legal protection in place. 

2. Commercial Experience

You certainly don’t want to work with a commercial plumber who doesn’t have the right amount of experience. You don’t want to have to deal with that when you’re facing a significant plumbing issue. Suppose the company doesn’t have the expertise. In that case, you need to handle your problem, which probably means that you won’t have the equipment or manpower required to get the job done.

When searching for a commercial plumber to get the job done quickly and effectively, always make sure they have commercial-level experience. You’ll need knowledgeable technicians who’ve dealt with your industry, whether that is food, retail, health, and welfare. You need professionals who know the demands of your specific industry and how to solve the problems with the least downtime for your business. 

3. Provide 24/7 Emergency Services

We strongly recommend that you select a commercial plumber that offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. The truth is you never know when a plumbing problem can arise. A pipe could burst in the middle of the night, or a sudden clog could start backing up your system in the middle of the day. When you need commercial plumbing services immediately, and at any time, it’s essential to know that you’ve chosen a company that can be there whenever you need them.  

4. Can they provide references?

We’re not talking about references from the commercial plumbers’ aunt Susie. We’re talking about an endorsement from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), local Chamber of Commerce, Home Advisor, or another nationally accredited bureau, any institution that holds businesses accountable for their work and reviews it. Check on the company’s homepage online. Usually, at the bottom, it will feature what commercial agencies have endorsed them and why. 

5. Can they estimate a schedule?

This is something you can ask your prospective commercial plumber before hiring them. It’s a perfectly reasonable question. Once they respond to your emergency call and assess the situation, do they give you a timeline of how long the work will take and how it will impact your business? You need a clear outline of what a reasonable timeframe would be for a project like yours. If the commercial plumbers say they don’t usually provide a schedule or timeline, move on to the next one! It’s essential to get a clear understanding of how long these repairs will take, regardless of size.

Houston’s #1 Commercial Plumbers

Nick’s Plumbing Service offers many commercial plumbing services, from installing faucets and other fixtures, cleaning and maintaining commercial drain and sewer lines, and performing commercial building re-pipes.

Call Nick’s Plumbing Service to schedule your cost evaluation or a second opinion regarding your commercial plumbing needs.

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