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Leaky Faucet | Dripping Faucet Repair Houston

Nick’s Plumbing employs a team of highly professional plumbers in Houston that are experts in repairing leaking and dripping faucets. Learn more below about faucet problems you may have experienced. You may simply have a Dripping Faucet or a much larger problem with a full on Leaking Toilet our plumbing team can help. Nick’s Plumbing has high rated reviews for Faucet Repairs in Houston so you can feel confident calling us. Call today to schedule your faucet repair service.

Water faucet repair in Houston issues in a home are one of the most common plumbing problems that often goes unaddressed.

Dripping or leaking faucets not only cost you money over time in wasted water, but they are also likely to go unnoticed…until it’s 3:00 in the morning, and that constant ‘drip-drip-drip’ has kept you awake for the last 5 hours.

Leaky faucets are usually caused by old and worn-out washers that breakdown and allow water to pass through them. Hard-to-turn faucet controls are caused by a build-up of sediment and hard water deposits in the faucet cartridge.

A water faucet leak is usually easy to detect and diagnose. Generally, if you see water dripping from a faucet that you have turned off, it’s a safe bet you have a faucet leak. Faucet leaks have different causes and can appear in other places than the spout. Checking the base of the faucet for leaks can be accomplished by simply using a paper towel to wipe off any excess water, turn the faucet on and look for water to appear around the base.

Faucet leaks from beneath the sink are the hardest to detect, simply because people don’t look under their sinks very often. If you do detect a leak under your faucet, it needs to be dealt with right away to avoid causing damage to your walls, floors and vanities.

If you have a leak underneath your sink; and can check that it is not caused by a leak in the “flex-lines” or the drainpipe, chances are you may need a faucet repair in Houston.

A leaky faucet can be a simple repair if you’re mechanically inclined with a couple of standard household tools and a faucet repair kit. But If you’re not up to the task, or simply too busy to do-it-yourself, call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services today for all your kitchen and bathroom faucet repair in Houston needs.

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Leaky or Dripping Faucet?

It can be very frustrating dealing with a leaky or dripping faucet in Houston, TX. Do you ever notice a dripping sound in your home? A dripping water sound can come from many sources and most commonly from a leaky faucet. A drip…drip…drip sound can also cost you money every month of your water bill. You never know the cause of the drip or leak. It simply could be a worn out faucet component, broken or cracked pipe. Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services has been providing top notch plumbing repair services to homes and businesses for almost 40 years! Faucets are constantly used from the kitchen to the bathroom, and from time to time they need repair.

Our Amazing Plumbers Fix Leaky Dripping Faucets Fast!

Don’t let a leaking faucet make you crazy. Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services specializes in faucet repair, faucet replacement and faucet installations for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors areas in Houston. A leaking faucet can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major disturbance to you and your family. The constant sound of dripping water can be quite bothersome. A full blown faucet leak could cost you through an increased water bill and be environmentally unfriendly. Whether you need to repair a leaky faucet, or you are ready to update your kitchen or bathroom with new faucets and fixtures, call Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services at 713-868-9907. Since faucets dispense water in our home, keeping them in good working condition is important. A steady drip from a leaky faucet can run up your water bill quickly. Our plumbers are highly trained and can promptly handle any leaky faucet or pipe.

Do You Need Faucet Repair?

A leaking kitchen faucet can be extremely annoying as dripping water constantly hits your pots, pans, and sink. Our professional Houston plumbers can fix your kitchen faucet quickly. We have the right tools and properly take care of any faucet leaks in your kitchen. The good news is that most leaking faucets in the kitchen are minor fixes and can be performed at minimal cost. It is never any fun when your kitchen faucet leaks from the base or even the spray nozzle. You are constantly using kitchen towels to deal with a water mess. In many situations, a licensed Houston plumber can repair the leaky faucets, but there are times when the faucet should be replaced. If you are in the market for a new faucet, our friendly plumbing technicians can help you decide on a faucet model that works for your kitchen or bathroom.

Have a Leaky Faucet Outside?

Having a leaking faucet outside your home can add tremendous cost to your water bill over time. Additionally, it wastes water every day, which is harmful to the environment in Houston. Every time you try and use your garden hose does it drip from the faucet base? Then when you try and spray you lose water pressure. The last possible problem of a leaking pipe or faucet outside your home is the erosion of your foundation. Although this is very rare, it can become a serious problem. Nick’s Plumbing Repair ex perts in Houston can repair an outdoor leaking faucet immediately.

Time for a Repipe if You Have Leaking Pipes

Many homeowners in Houston have older homes that have galvanized pipes. These particular pipes are known to leak periodically. These leaks can cause a lot of damage, especially if not repaired promptly. Homeowners’ that are fed up with these leaky old galvanized pipes go for a full house repipe. Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services are the premiere repiping specialists in Houston that homeowners can trust! 

Don’t Let a Leaking Faucet Drain Your Wallet!

Leaking faucets and pipes cost money, and it can add up! Let Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services repair your plumbing leaks. Call our friendly staff and plumbing technicians in Houston, TX for any questions you may have on kitchen faucet repair, leaking faucet, outdoor faucet installation and more. Our Houston plumbers are standing by, and happy to answer all your questions!

Best Dripping and Leaking Faucet Repair in Houston

Nick’s Plumbing has provided the best faucet repair in Houston for years. Our highly experienced team of plumbers can guide you through any issue from leaking faucet repair to dripping faucet repair and more. When you call Nick’s Plumbing, we answer our phones with live, intelligent staff that are all highly trained and knowledgeable about Houston plumbing issues. Call today to schedule a faucet repair service appointment.

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