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Sewer Line Hydro Jetting in Houston

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a relatively recent innovation in the plumbing industry that allows a plumber to restore your home’s drain pipes and sewer lines to “like-new” condition.

To complete this seemingly impossible task, the process utilizes a high-pressure water jet that will clear any blockages and remove all build-up inside your pipes. There are various sizes of water jet nozzles that are used depending on the situation, and the stream will remove all traces of food waste, grease, soap build-up, even any un-flushable items that may have ended up in your sewer line.

Restores Your Plumbing to “Like New” Condition

The process of hydro jetting has existed for close to eighty years, but it wasn’t an affordable option for most homes and small businesses until the last decade or two. The necessary equipment was cumbersome and required multiple skilled plumbers to handle the task.

Today’s hydro jetting equipment can be operated by a single plumbing technician who uses high-pressure water jets aimed at the walls of your pipes to dislodge and remove virtually all debris. Hydro-jetting machines reach up to five hundred feet for extended flexibility, which should be more than enough to clear your entire drain or sewer lines.

When the hydro jetting is complete, your drainpipes and sewer lines will be clear of all debris and residue, virtually restoring them into “like-new” conditions.

Why Do I Need Hydro Jetting?

There are probably as many methods for unclogging drains as there are plumbers to tell you about them. Hand operated snakes are good for clearing a clog locally, as in the case of a toilet or kitchen sink drain, but they are wholly ineffective at clearing any blockages further down the pipe then you can see.

Chemical drain cleaners will give the desired drain clearing effect in the short term but are extremely dangerous if not used exactly as specified. There is a danger of asphyxiation from the fumes of the chemicals when improperly handled, and burns from splashing chemicals can lead to permanent injuries.

Before performing the hydro jetting service, your plumbing technician should always use a video camera snake to inspect the drain and sewer lines. The reason for the video check beforehand ensures there aren’t any breaks in the pipe that could be made worse by pressure from the hydro-jet.

If the camera detects any breaks in your drain or sewer line, or worse, finds root infiltration into your pipes, you are not a candidate for hydro jetting.

What Is the Difference Between a Drain Snake and Hydro Jetting?

The main difference between a drain snake and hydro jetting is that the drain snake is simply an auger that is fed into the center of a clog. The drain snake is attached to a rotating drum that feeds the snake into the pipe and turns it to pull out the clog.

A drain snake is great for hard stoppages, as you don’t always know what is clogging a pipe. Tree roots cannot be removed by hydro jetting, where a drain snake is designed to cut and dislodge any debris that may be in your plumbing. Hydro-jetting is most effective after a preliminary video inspection to determine precisely what is in the way of your water flow.

An advantage of the hydro jetting process is the entire surface area of the inside of the pipe is cleared of build-up and debris. Even areas where standard drain snakes have a problem getting into, such as p-traps and area drains, hydro jetting is completely effective at removing debris!

How Often Do I Need Hydro Jetting Services?

If you are what we like to call a “responsible garbage disposal owner,” who tends to scrape their plates before rinsing them will likely only require this service once every five years. If you’re a little less careful about what ends up in your garbage disposal or toilets, you’ll want to have it done once every two years.

Pressure Washing for Your Plumbing!

Anyone who has rented a pressure washer for the exterior of their home or driveway knows the deep and thorough cleaning it provides. Hydro Jetting in Houston uses the same technology, with a working range of up to 400 feet (as opposed to the 150-foot limit of a drain snake), and the power to remove even the most challenging residue!

Its pressure washing for your plumbing!!!

A Service That Lasts

If you live in a home that was built before 1970, and you have retained the original plumbing, chances are you have galvanized pipes, as they were standard for new construction up until the late 1960s. Steel in and of itself would make for an ideal plumbing material if it weren’t for that pesky “rusting” problem metal has. To circumvent the inevitable corrosion of your plumbing, the inside of these steel pipes was coated with zinc. The biggest problem with the galvanized pipe is that, eventually, that protective layer is stripped away by water and any corrosive chemicals you may put into your drains.

If your home is a more recent build or has already had your galvanized plumbing replaced, your sewer line is made of PVC plastic. Regardless of the makeup of your drain or sewer lines, hydro jetting will restore them to like-new condition and prevent all the plumbing failures that can be caused by plumbing blockages.

How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

Hydro-jetting is a very cost-effective way to maintain the drain and sewer lines in and around your home. The average plumbing cost for hydro jetting service (as in “one with no surprises”) in Houston ranges from $475 to around $700.

If you’re regularly experiencing clogged kitchen and bathroom sink drains, backed up toilets or bathtubs, or all the above, Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services offers hydro jetting service in the Houston and surrounding areas. They’ll look at your plumbing system, both from the outside and within with a video inspection, and based on what their findings will determine if hydro jetting would be effective for you.

Since 1979, Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services has provided all facets of plumbing repair, maintenance, and installations. We are the local industry leader in the hydro jetting field, with only licensed and experienced plumbing technicians performing hydro jetting in Houston service!

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