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Professional Sink Installation in Houston

Vanity, pedestal, farmhouse, vessel, undermount and console, these are just some of the dozens of styles of bathroom sinks currently available on the market. Any bathroom or kitchen renovation will usually involve a tremendous amount of choice.

Installing a sink is not a job for a do-it-yourselfer. It’s a task best left to the professionals. Cutting pipes, joining stainless steel and PVC pipes, installing garbage disposals, and ensuring your sink installation is free of leaks requires a particular skill set. Nick’s Plumbing Service has those skills.

Why do you need a plumber for your sink installation?

A licensed plumber familiar with kitchen and bathroom sink installations is precisely the person you want in your home when you decide to install a new one. They will be most familiar with the different brands, types of faucets, and sinks that homeowners typically purchase. When you work with a professional, you know that if they’re any bumps or difficulties along the way, their experience will help solve the issue quickly and accurately. You can rest assured that your sink will be installed once, and it will be done thoroughly and well.

What to consider before your sink installation?

1. Your sink can only be so deep.

This seems to be especially the case when replacing the kitchen sink. Many homeowners buy larger kitchen sinks that have deeper basins so they can soak more plates and dishes. But there is a limit to how deep your sink basin can be. You don’t want it to prevent drains from emptying properly. If you buy a too big sink, the tailpiece is the pipe fitting that lies between the drain trap and the drain basket. You need to measure this piece to see how much bigger your sink can actually be before it interferes with the drains.

2. Ensure a precise number of holes

So many homeowners forget that different sinks have a different number of holes to fit the faucet and the accompanying accessories. Some sinks only have a single hole that accommodates a single—handle faucet. Others come equipped will four holes or more to hold the faucet handles for hot and cold water, a sprayer attachment, and a soap dispenser.

What is critical is that you don’t have too few holes because there may be no way to add a new one. You can get make adjustments such as placing a cover over the extra holes. But in terms of aesthetics, it’s just best if you have the exact number of holes for the right amount of equipment.

3. Entire drain assembly should be replaced.

Often homeowners try to save money by simply replacing the sink and faucet while leaving the old piping and drain assembly behind. At Nick’s Plumbing Service, we urge all of our customers to consider replacing all of their drain parts. All of the drain assemblies are sold as a complete kit at many hardware stores.

4. Make sure the new sink will cover the old hole.

Before removing the existing sink, measure the opening underneath. Make sure to measure all four sides because the cutout may not be square. Pay very close attention to the corners. Contractors often cut them at 90-degree angles because it is faster. If you purchase a too-small sink for the countertop opening, it will leave these ugly gaps along the side.

5. Check for water stains & leaks.

Leaks that appear around a sink rim can soak the particleboard that lies under a plastic laminate countertop. A little water damage is typical. However, if you see significant swelling, this will prevent the new sink from sitting flat on the countertop. Additionally, particleboard will not provide a solid base for the clips that fasten the sink to the countertop.

Scrutinize the countertop surface around the sink. Check for bulges or what appears to be bubbles where the laminate has separated from the particleboard. Then take a look from underneath the countertop. You’re looking for too wet or weak areas to support sink clips and, therefore, the sink itself. If you spot these problems, you’ll need to replace the countertop itself.

6. Seal your new sink with caulk

The former gold standard of plumber’s putty is no longer the trusted go-to sealant it once was. Putty used to be used to seal sunk baskets and sink rims. Unfortunately, it eventually dries outs, cracks, and causes leaks. Even worse, it can damage certain plastics, including those that are used to make sinks.

To avoid all this, plumbers have turned to silicone, the sealant of the 21st century. It’s easy to use, clean-up and lasts a lifetime.

How much does it cost to install a new sink?

The cost of installing a new sink ranges in price from $150-$450. The average price of a sink can vary anywhere from $125- $650 or higher.

When should I install a new sink?

Dripping, leaking, and looking altogether worn out. If these are the words you’d use to describe your bathroom or kitchen sink, then maybe it’s time you thought about replacing it. If you’ve never really given much thought about installing a new sink in either of these rooms, let’s offer you some suggestions.

1. Showing wear and tear

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time for a new sink installation is to show cracks, discoloration, and chipping. No matter how big or small the damage could be, it’s essential to evaluate it as quickly as possible.

2. In need of constant repair

Suppose you’re continually calling your plumber to fix this or that with your often-problematic sink. In that case, it’s time to take a look at installing a new one altogether. Whether your sink isn’t able to hold water or it’s often clogged, there will come a point where maintaining it will be more work than it’s worth. Your sink should not have to be repaired regularly. If anything, it should be a problem-free appliance.

3. Completely outdated

There was a time when a blue marbled sink was a trendy choice in bathroom décor. Those days have gone, and maybe you should remove that sink from your bathroom as well? If you feel your bathroom or kitchen sink might be passé, then take this opportunity to install a new one.

Most interior designers will recommend when in doubt to replace your outdated sink with something more modern but neutral. That way, it will last you well into the next decade.  And luckily, nowadays, there are many options available concerning replacement sinks that will add character to your bathroom or kitchen.

Sink Installation

Whether you’re installing one sink in your kitchen, or planning to replace the sinks in all your home’s bathrooms, at Nick’s Plumbing Service, we can help. We have a team of experienced plumbers available to help with the installation process, ensuring it will be a painless and easy process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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