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Professional Electric Water Heater Repair in Houston

Electric Water Heater Repair in Houston

On average, a homeowner can expect their electric water heater to last anywhere between eight and twelve years. The high end of that scale only applies if the electric water heater has been adequately maintained and serviced since it’s installation.

Your Electric Water Heater Never Sleeps!

Modern electric water heaters are designed to be an essentially worry-free appliance throughout their lifespan. Modern electronics have greatly simplified operation of your water heater, with some models connected directly to your smartphone.

Like any appliance; particularly one that is on-the-job twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week like your electric water heater, some type of breakdown is going to happen. Most electric water heater repair in Houston service calls are for simple items like a blown circuit breaker or leaky fitting.

How Will I Know If I Need an Electric Water Heater Repair in Houston?

Our licensed and experienced “Electric Water Heater Whisperers” tell us that there are a few universally accepted signs that your electric water heater might be in trouble.

• Have you noticed your showers aren’t quite as hot as you’re used to?

Your thermostat may need an adjustment, or you could have an electric heating element that is beginning to fail. It could be a broken dip tube which carries the hot water out of the tank. Both issues can be quickly and inexpensively resolved with an electric water heater repair in Houston service call from Nick’s Plumbing!

• There’s just NO hot water!!!

First, don’t panic. No hot water is often a sign of simple issue like a blown circuit breaker, which a homeowner can check for themselves. Sometimes, in an older unit, it means the heating element in your electric water heater has failed. If the circuit breaker checks out, and you still have no hot water, book an electric water heater in Houston service call with Nick’s Plumbing today!

• Is there not enough hot water for typical day-to-day tasks?

The temperature may be right, but your hot water supply doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to. Less hot water is a sign of sediment displacement, where the buildup of mineral sediment in your electric water heater becomes one mass at the bottom of the tank. That rattling or rumbling sound you probably hear is the clusters of mineral deposits banging on the sides of the tank.

Unfortunately, this is not a situation that can be corrected with an electric water heater repair in Houston service call, and you’ll have to replace the unit. Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services has been installing, maintaining, and repairing water heaters since 1979. We guarantee our work, the materials we install, and the professionalism of our licensed plumbing technicians. Give Nick’s a call today. We’re on the Way!

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