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Professional Gas Line Inspections in Houston

Gas Line Inspection in Houston

Almost every home has a natural gas connection, and we rely on natural gas for many everyday needs like cooking, bathing, and laundry. With so many more of our appliances using natural gas, the potential for a gas leak is always increasing and can go undetected, unless you know the signs to look for.

Usually, the first indication of a gas leak is the “rotten egg” smell we are all familiar with, but what about leaks outside of or underneath your home? These gas leaks are harder to detect and may not cause you to notice any physical symptoms (like nausea or dizziness), but still need to be addressed as quickly as possible with a gas line inspection in Houston.

When Do I need a Gas Line Inspection?

If you suspect any leaks in your gas line, whether because of the smell of rotten eggs, or unexplained higher energy costs, you need a gas line inspection. Additionally, if your natural gas service has been interrupted by the gas company for more than six months, an inspection by a licensed plumbing company will have to be performed before service is restored.

What Does a Gas Line Inspection Include?

When Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services performs your annual gas line inspection in Houston, we check all exposed gas lines for signs of leaks like corrosion or kinks. Each gas appliance in your home is inspected and tested for proper operation; all fittings and connections for these appliances are checked for leaks.

Once lines and appliances are checked, the gas service is temporarily shut off, and all gas line are tested for leaks under pressure. For residential natural gas service, normal pressure can be anywhere between two and five psi (pounds per square inch); thus, the gas line and all connections are pressure tested at ten to fifteen psi. Once the lines are pressurized, they will be monitored to ensure the pressure remains constant for at least ten minutes. When your gas lines, fittings, and appliances have passed these tests, your gas line inspection in Houston is complete.

Gas line inspection in Houston is a fast and easy way to help ensure the safety of your home for your family. Call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services for any gas line plumbing needs or concerns you may have. We have experts available in-office to advise you by phone, and technicians available to provide free estimates and free second opinions on your gas line inspection in Houston.

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