Proffesional Gas Line Repair in Houston

Gas Line Repair in Houston

The need for gas line repair in Houston usually occurs for one reason. Someone smells gas. Generally, this isn’t a big deal. There might be a pilot light that is out on a stove burner or water heater. But you’ve already checked all that. So where is that smell coming from?

On its own, natural gas has no smell, and is undetectable without the sulfur compound added by the gas company, which when mixed with oxygen, creates a “rotten egg” smell.

Gas leaks are not something a homeowner can ignore. Every year people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a gas leak. Gas line repair in Houston is not a project for the do-it-yourselfer. It needs to be handled by an experienced, licensed plumbing technician.

Gas leaks are common, especially in older homes where a good deal of settling has had time to occur. This settling is caused by the shifting of the soil under you house, and as the house shifts, there is increased stress on your gas lines, particularly at connection points within the line.

Older gas fittings become stressed from the constant pressure of the flowing gas. As they expand and contract over the years from temperature changes, these fittings start to lose their rigidity and will start to crack, especially around the threaded ends.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak DO NOT attempt to use ANY electrical devices. THIS INCLUDES YOUR CELL PHONE!!! Do not turn any electrical devices off, either! Any sparks generated can ignite gas fumes. Get everyone (including YOURSELF) safely out of and away from the house. Leave the door open as you leave to help ventilate your home, as this will dissipate the gas and help prevent a possible explosion.

Next, call a plumbing company. We are in the business of servicing the gas lines. Your residential gas providers (CenterPoint, etc.) are only in the business of selling the product. Their immediate solution will be limited to locking off the gas meter until the system is inspected.

Since 1979, Nick’s Plumbing has been providing gas line repair in Houston services, earning the trust of their customers with exemplary service and the quick response of our team to your gas line emergencies.

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