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What is Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning?

What is Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning?

Hydro Jetting (also known as ‘jetting’) is a pipe-clearing process that employs pumps and flexible hoses to propel high-pressure water jets. These water jets break down the build-up in the walls of your plumbing system using specialized attachments to scrape the built-up grease and other waste off and flush it away, restoring the full bore of your pipes.

Simple, everyday activities like washing dishes deposit small particles of grease, soapy residue, and other waste into your kitchen drain. Over time, these particles begin to collect on the walls of the pipes, creating a sticky trap for any other solid waste that enters the drain. Kitchen drain pipes have a diameter of two inches, as opposed to the four-inch width of a standard sewer line, and thus are more likely to experience a complete blockage.

Think about the pipes in your home the way you think about your circulatory system. The more grease and garbage you put into the system, the more likely you are to find those substances adhering to the walls of your pipes, eventually building up enough to completely restrict the flow of water.

Hydro jetting can help by restoring your pipes to their original condition. By introducing a high-pressure stream of water (up to 4,000 psi), we can cut through the grime in all your home drains and sewer lines much more efficiently than is possible with a traditional cable auger. Hydro jetting is extremely useful for blockages further down the pipe, as hydro jetting devices have a typical range of 400 feet, compared to the 75 or 100-foot capability of traditional plumbing cable snakes.

In commercial applications; particularly in food preparation establishments, hydro jetting should be viewed as part of a regular sewer maintenance plan. The amount of grease and other solid food waste that goes into the drains at these establishments is much more than any home would produce.

You don’t want to have a sewer backup caused by poor maintenance on the day the health inspector arrives. By including quarterly hydro jetting service as part of your regular plumbing maintenance will not only help eliminate the need for emergency plumbing services, it can also prevent potential health code violations and fines.

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