Sewer Line Hydro Jetting in Houston

Sewer Line Hydro Jetting in Houston

Is your kitchen sink draining a lot slower than it ever used to? Are your upstairs toilets not exactly flushing thoroughly? And now that you mention it, what IS that smell?!?

Over time, the drain and sewer pipes in your home become the victim of a continually growing buildup of grease, hair, soap, and other dirt. As new residue gets trapped on your pipe's walls by the sticky ooze that came before it, the narrower the area in your pipes becomes through which water can travel. As a result, you start to notice slower draining sinks and showers. Or even worse, the dreaded halfway-flushing toilet. And yeah, sometimes it all kind of stinks.

If you’ve read this far, the chances are pretty good that you already know your home or business could benefit from a hydro jetting in Houston service by the experts at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services.

In case you’re not familiar, or you just enjoy reading plumbing service web pages, you might be wondering what exactly hydro jetting is.

Well, it works like this.

A hose with a range of 400 feet, equipped with specialized nozzle attachments, is inserted into your drain and sewer pipes. By applying a highly-pressurized water jet onto the walls of your pipes, we flush away that mass of sticky residue and other assorted goop. Think about it. It’s pressure washing for your drain pipes and sewer lines.

Hydro jetting in Houston will restore your pipes to their original diameter, completely removing all traces of grease, soap build-up, hair, sand, even tree roots. Hydro-jetting is exceptionally useful in commercial applications, particularly in the food preparation industry.

Regular hydro jetting in Houston maintenance will reduce the chances of a potential shutdown due to a health code violation. You don’t want a visit from “Slime in the Ice Machine” guy because of a backed-up kitchen drain!

Call the experts at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services today to schedule your complete drain and sewer line inspection using our high-definition snake cameras to determine if hydro jetting in Houston would be right for your home or business.

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