Professional Electric Water Heater Maintenance in Houston

Electric water heaters have an expected lifespan somewhere between eight and twelve years of useful operation. The key to getting the longest life possible out of your unit is to perform regular electric water heater maintenance in Houston. Unfortunately, the only rule of having an electric water heater is that someday, you are going to have to replace it.

It’s rather short-sighted that none of us are likely to give our electric water heater a second thought until something goes wrong with it. There are several issues that likely to arise as your electric water heater ages, like faulty heating elements or thermostats; that can be prevented, or at least detected by having an annual electric water heater maintenance in Houston service!


What Is Electric Water Heater Maintenance in Houston?

Electric water heater maintenance in Houston is a simple job. We start by draining your water heater and flushing out any sediment build up that has collected. This sediment, if left untouched, will settle near the bottom of your tank near the heating element. All the water that needs to be heated will be displaced to the top of the tank, resulting in lower hot water temperatures.

Our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians will inspect the electrical components of your electric water heater, including any switches and the thermostat, for signs of wear and corrosion.

We will thoroughly inspect all electrical wiring associated with your water heater and check the condition of the anode rod. Once the mechanical and electrical components are checked out, we visually inspect your electric water heater tank for any signs of rust or leakage.

Is Electric Water Heater Maintenance in Houston Expensive?

You can expect the average cost of an electric water heater maintenance in Houston service call to be somewhere between $149 and $279 for a traditional tank-type unit. If you have a tankless electric water heater, your maintenance call will cost a bit more, around $325 – $500 for a year of protection.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Water Heater Maintenance in Houston?

An electric water heater is an appliance you depend on every day for so many basic conveniences. While an electric water heater is designed to be a worry-free device, simple regular maintenance is crucial to getting the most efficient life from yours!

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