Professional Gas Line Replacement in Houston

Natural gas service in our Houston homes in not merely a convenience, it is a necessity.

We often ignore our gas lines until they cause a problem. Damage to gas lines can occur when installing or relocating a gas appliance. Normal wear and tear, weather, rodents and other critters can cause damage to your gas lines, requiring the services of the licensed, insured gas line replacement in Houston specialists of Nick’s Plumbing Service.

From cooking and doing laundry to providing heat and hot water for bathing, our gas lines fuel our lifestyles. Gas leaks are a dangerous situation and should only be repaired by licensed gas line replacement in Houston.

If you suspect that you have a gas leak in your home, first, get everyone out of the house. Then call your natural gas service provider to turn off the gas supply. Next, call the experts at Nick’s Plumbing Service.

Your natural gas service provider is responsible for the gas line from the street, up to and including your gas meter. Any work on the “house-side” of the meter is the responsibility of the homeowner, and requires the expertise of a licensed, professional gas line replacement in Houston.

Installing or repairing gas lines will require a certain amount of due diligence on the part of the homeowner. A simple leak can possibly be repaired by replacing a single section of pipe. Larger jobs may require the acquisition of permits and create the need for inspection before restoring service.

Repair of gas lines can be a daunting task. Home owners should never attempt to repair or replace gas lines themselves. Additionally, a gas line problem should not be ignored. Sometimes many gas line problems require a complete professional gas line replacement in Houston to fully repair.

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