Professional Gas Water Heater Maintenance in Houston

On average, you can expect your gas water heater to last anywhere between eight and twelve years before it needs to be replaced. The key to getting the longest life possible out of your gas water heater is to perform regular maintenance.

Most of us will never give our gas water heater a second thought until there is a problem with it, and that is a shame. Many common issues that arise as your gas water heater ages could be avoided by instituting a once-a-year maintenance plan.


What Is Gas Water Heater Maintenance in Houston?

Gas water heater maintenance in Houston is a simple job. We start by draining your water heater and flushing out any sediment build up that has collected. This sediment, if left untouched, will settle near the bottom of your tank near the gas heating element. All the water that needs to be heated will be displaced to the top of the tank, resulting in lower hot water temperatures.

Our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians will inspect the electrical components of your gas water heater, including any switches and the thermostat, for signs of wear and corrosion. Inspection of the gas burner, gas lines, and all associated fittings follows, along with inspection of the tank for signs of rust or leaks. We also check the condition of your anode rod, a sacrificial piece of metal designed to rust away to protect your gas water heater tank.

Is Gas Water Heater Maintenance in Houston Expensive?

The average cost of a gas water heater maintenance in Houston service call will cost you somewhere between $149 and $279 for a traditional tank-type unit. If you have a tankless gas water heater, your maintenance call will cost a bit more, around $325 – $500 once a year.

What Are the Benefits of Gas Water Heater Maintenance in Houston?

Like your car, your gas water heater is an appliance that is designed to give you years of worry-free service with minimal intervention. You wouldn’t drive your car for its entire lifespan without getting the oil changed on a regular basis, the same should apply to your gas water heater. A gas water heater maintenance in Houston can even alert you to potential problems with your water heater you may not have known about, like gas or water leaks.

Nick’s Plumbing Service have been performing gas water heater maintenance in Houston since 1979. Our licensed and fully-trained experts are available to perform the necessary routine maintenance on your gas water heater.

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