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VIP HVAC Service Plan

Man fixing HVAC- part of HVAC VIP Service Plan from Nick's Plumbing

There’s no such thing as a “good time” for your air conditioning or heating system to break down. Keeping up with regular, annual maintenance is a crucial step toward cooling and heating your home efficiently; and doing it without worrying about breakdowns and repair issues. 

Nick’s HVAC Silver, Gold, and Platinum Service Plans cover all the bases for maintenance of your system, as well as some included upgrades. Don’t let the hot summer heat of Houston catch you unprepared, treat your HVAC system to a “spa day,” courtesy of Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning. 

What Are the Nick’s VIP Service Plans?

Nick’s HVAC Silver VIP Service Plan         

$ 169/yr. ($99 ea. Add’l Unit)

Take a load off your mind by purchasing an HVAC Silver Service Plan and enjoying priority booking for service and repairs for future needs. The Silver VIP Service Plan includes standard, routine annual maintenance for your HVAC system and has several added benefits. You’ll save 10% off your HVAC Tune-Up, save 5% on the installation of new IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products, and you’ll save 10% on any required repairs performed during the VIP Service Plan’s duration. 

Nick’s HVAC Gold VIP Service Plan                      

$ 348/yr. ($199 Ea. Add’l Unit)

Our HVAC Gold VIP Service Plan offers all the services included in the Silver VIP plan and adds value with $250 savings on a new HVAC system. The Gold VIP Plan provides 15% of all HVAC services rendered during the contract period, as well as 10% savings on the installation of new IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products. Additionally, the Gold VIP customer is entitled to priority scheduling (within 24 hours of your call to us), 50% savings on diagnostic service ($34.50 instead of $69.00), as well as a free Smart Thermostat installation. 

Nick’s HVAC Platinum VIP Service Plan   

$ 528/yr. ($320 Ea. Add’l Unit)

The Platinum VIP Service Plan is here for the customer who wants the absolute top-of-the-line maintenance plan for their HVAC system. Platinum Members will enjoy priority maintenance service scheduling and guaranteed same-day emergency HVAC service, along with a 15% savings on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products, 20% off all service and repairs, and a $500 allowance towards a new HVAC system.

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning’s HVAC Platinum VIP Service Plan members will never be charged a diagnostic fee, trip charges and receive a free Smart Thermostat installation. Platinum VIP members are also eligible for a free one-time AC condenser coil cleaning, a $215 value. 

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning has the right HVAC VIP Service Plan for your family. Improve your HVAC system’s performance, efficiency, and lifespan with HVAC maintenance services. 

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