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Rheem Water Heaters

There are roughly a dozen manufacturers of tankless water heaters for the home. Every single one of these makers offers a great product, with advanced features and increased efficiency. Nick’s Plumbing Service wants to help narrow down your choices when it comes time to replace your water heater with these “brand pages.” In doing so, we hope to highlight the standard features of each brand as well as concentrate on what makes each brand unique.


Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded in 1925 by the sons of Standard Oil Company’s president, William Rheem. Richard and Donald Rheem started out making packaging for the oil and gas industry and went on to create one of the most recognizable brands in the home comfort industry. Rheem Manufacturing Company is currently headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with satellite offices located all over the globe.

In the early 1930s, Rheem Manufacturing Company dipped their toes in the water heater market by acquiring both a maker of steel tanks and a company that built water heaters. These two purchases set the Rheem Brothers on a path to become the largest manufacturer of water heaters in the U.S. by 1941. In little more than a decade, Rheem would further revolutionize water heater technology by introducing the corrosion-resistant porcelain-lined storage tanks that more than doubled the lifespan of a tank.

As of today, Rheem continues to make tank-type and tankless water heaters, along with a full line of air conditioning and heating products for residential and commercial installations.


Water Savings Setting:
This exclusive setting on Rheem tankless water heaters can save homeowners up to 1,100 gallons of water per year by decreasing the flow of hot water until it matches the heater’s “set” temperature. Now, you can stop wasting hundreds of gallons of water waiting for it to heat up.

EcoNet Wi-Fi Control:
Use the EcoNet app on your smartphone or tablet and get maintenance notices, diagnostics, and control critical adjustments on your Rheem tankless water heater.

Copper Heating Elements:
Rheem Manufacturing Company uses heating elements made of long-lasting copper with brass tops. The heating element formulation reduces any possible corrosion of the elements, and the naturally anti-microbial properties of copper make Rinnai tankless water heaters a wise health-conscious choice as well.

For homes with additional bathrooms, or higher than average laundry needs, Rheem offers a series of EcoSmart™ “Point of Use” tankless water heaters. These small, self-contained units can be installed in bathrooms, wet bars hand recreational vehicles, providing discrete hot water flow to any faucet or showerhead.

If your hot water isn’t quite as hot as you’re used to, or that clunking noise coming from the gas water heater has suddenly gotten louder, it’s probably a good time to call in the licensed and experienced experts at Nick’s Plumbing Service.

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