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Professional Sewer Line Repair in Houston

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning team of plumbers offer professional sewer line repair in Houston. When you’re in need of Sewer Line Repair you’re in need of the best plumbers you can find. It’s no easy task Repairing Sewer Lines so hire a plumber with experience. Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning company Sewer Line Repair services are backed by high rated customer reviews. Call us today to schedule your sewer line repair appointment.

How do I know if I need a sewer line repair in Houston?

A sewer line blockage can cause raw sewage to back up and find its way into the tub, shower, and sink drains throughout your home. Sewer line backups often result in an expensive repair job. The cost of having to replace vanities, floors, and even support joists because of a backed-up sewer main can exceed the cost of the plumbing repairs very quickly, making early detection and repair key to keeping costs down.

A sewer line blockage can occur for a variety of reasons. Excessive paper usage, oil and grease from kitchen waste, hair and soapy residue from showers and sinks can all result in troubling sewer line blockages.

If a homeowner is willing to take a chance at perhaps getting a little messy, unclogging a main sewer line can be a do-it-yourself project. First, turn the main water supply to the house off. Look for a short, round PVC pipe with a rubber or plastic screw-on cap at the end. Removing that cap will release built up pressure and cause water to drain out of (rather than back into) the home.

If opening the cleanout line does not greatly improve your drainage situation, you need to call the sewer line repair in Houston experts at Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services.

Tree roots are an ever-present problem for main sewer lines, particularly in older homes. Over time, tree roots grow, displacing soil, and creating pressure on older clay sewer lines. This pressure can eventually crush these older, brittle pipes. The roots then grow through the pipes, creating massive leaks and blockages.

Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services can determine if the problem is a clog further along in the sewer line system, if there are leaks or cracks in your sewer lines, and exactly what is needed to repair the problem and get your sewer line repair in Houston needs met quickly.

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Need Sewer Line Repair?

Nick’s Plumbing & AC Services, offers Houston and surrounding areas high quality sewer repair. Sewer repair is often a very large job that requires heavy machinery and expert plumbers to be executed properly. Nick’s Plumbing & AC Services has been providing Houston and the Heights reliable sewer line repair since 1979. Sewer line repair, which often focuses on your home’s main connection to the city’s sewage, is performed when there is a weakness in the pipes.

Discover Comprehensive Sewer Line Services

Sewer line repair, sewer installation, sewer problems and sewer systems need expert Houston plumbers who are fast, affordable, and experienced. Whether you have sewer problems inside your home, outside, under the house, or under your lawn, call Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services for service that you can trust.

Types of Sewer Repair

Whether you are in need of sewer cleaning, sewer inspection, sewer installation, or sewer repairs, you can count on us to treat you fairly and honestly, and to help protect the integrity of your property and home. Our amazing plumber offer affordable sewer services such as:

  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Sewer Installation
  • Sewer Inspection

At Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning we offer a lifetime warranty on sewer line replacement, free estimates and 12 call Houston’s Best…We’re on the way! 24/7 emergency service – call 713-868-9907 months no interest or 10 year financing; Call 713-868-9907 for details.

About Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Repair

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been repairing or installing sewer lines in the Greater Houston Area since 1979. With fully-stocked trucks serving your neighborhood, Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning cares about treating customers ethically and repairing or installing sewer lines at a fair and affordable price. We bring top quality and value to every sewer line repair or installation job we do. Our main concern is your satisfaction! Sure our plumbers get dirty every day but they also love to offer you clean water. That’s right Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers affordable water treatment such as reverse osmosis so you can have great tasting water in your home. Call today for more information about clean water for your family.

Best Sewer Line Repair in Houston

Nick’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning has been the best sewer lone repair in Houston for years. Our highly experienced team of plumbers can guide you through any issues needing a whole house sewer line repair. When you call Nick’s Plumbing & AC, we answer our phones with live, intelligent staff that are all highly trained and knowledgeable about Houston plumbing issues. Call today to schedule your next sewer line repair appointment.

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