Professional Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in Houston

Tankless water heaters offer increased efficiency by merely not having a forty-gallon tank that must be kept hot twenty-four hours a day. In addition to the obvious energy savings, a tankless water heater can last upwards of twenty years (compared to the seven-to-twelve-year lifespan of a tank-type water heater).

Of course, optimum efficiency and long-term performance are reliant on the homeowner performing regular tankless water heater maintenance in Houston. While a tankless water heater can be thought of as a “low-maintenance” appliance, the unit will require at least annual attention to ensure its energy efficiency and long life.


What Does Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in Houston Consist Of?

The one true enemy of the water heater, tank or no tank, is hard water. The result of the mineral-rich water we have here in southeast Texas is evident in the filmy residue that builds up on your shower glass and other surfaces. That same residue is continuously building up in the small holes within the heat exchanger and the fittings of your new tankless water heater, causing the unit to operate less efficiently.

All manufacturers recommend annual tankless water heater maintenance in Houston to remove the buildup of mineral deposits and to check the overall condition of your unit. Nick’s Plumbing Service will open your tankless water heater and remove all hard water scale that has accumulated on the heat exchanger, clean the filters, and check all connected fittings for leaks or other signs of wear.

How Long Will My Tankless Water Heater Last with Proper Maintenance?

Tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of over twenty years. Contrast that twenty years with the seven to twelve-year lifespan of a tank-type water heater. Tankless water heaters offer significantly improved energy efficiency along with a long lifespan, but only if they are adequately maintained.

Who Can I Trust with My Tankless Water Heater Maintenance?

Nick’s Plumbing Service should be your first choice for tankless water heater maintenance in Houston. Nick’s Plumbing has been servicing water heaters since 1979 and has been at the forefront of the latest tankless water heater technology for over a decade. Our thoroughly trained and licensed staff of plumbing technicians are ready to come to your home to provide a written cost evaluation for your water heater maintenance. 

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