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Water Heater Installations

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If you suspect you have a water heater problem, don't delay calling the water heater installations experts–Nick's Plumbing. The generally accepted rule is that a standard water heater has a life expectancy of 10 years. A water heater goes through years of punishing wear and tear as it heats tens of thousands of gallons of water for your household during its lifetime. Even the best water heaters, however, don't last forever. Be aware of the signals that your water heater may be giving out to you as it approaches its unfortunate, but ultimate failure point.

Expert Water Heater Installation Services

Nick’s Plumbing provides lightning quick, courteous hot water heater service and installation at a great price. Our expert service technicians for water heater installations are highly trained to inspect your hot water heater, evaluate the issues and inform you of the options for either repair or replacement of the unit.

Signs You May Need a New Water Heater

What are the signs of imminent water heater failure? Rusty water flowing out of your hot water faucet could mean that the water tank is rusting from the inside out. If it takes longer and longer for the water to heat up properly, for example as you are doing the dishes or taking a shower, sediment may be building up, causing the heater elements to be inefficient in doing their job in heating up the water. If your water heater is making strange rumbling sounds—particles and sediment may be building up on the bottom of the tank. If water or condensation appears around or under the water heater, fractures and tiny holes may be causing water to evacuate the tank.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Nick's Plumbing technicians can help you select the correct water heater that's just right for your particular home, saving you money on the unit and on your energy bill. The type of water heater that is a good fit will depend upon the number of bathrooms, water line connections and how long the pipes run in your home.

Call the Water Heater Experts in Houston

Whether you have concerns, questions or need a competitive estimate for water heater installations, contact the friendly people at Nick's Plumbing at 713-868-9907. Customers keep telling us what a great job that we've been doing and you can view our Facebook reviews here.

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