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Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Electric Water Heaters in Houston

Electric Water Heaters in Houston

When Should I Replace My Electric Water Heater?

Your electric water heater has an expected lifespan of between eight and twelve years. Sure, it’s possible to perform an electric water heater repair in Houston, but if your unit is older than seven years, that may not be the most financially responsible decision.

An electric water heater is a pretty simple unit; having been invented in 1889, and has remained relatively unchanged. The unit itself contains only an electric heating element, anode rod, a couple of valves, a discharge pipe, and some electrical switches.

It is possible to prolong the life of your electric water heater by performing regular maintenance, and flushing out any sediment build up is a great place to start. At a minimum, once a year is the standard recommendation, or every six months if you have particularly “hard” water. Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services have been providing the best in maintenance and electric water heater repair in Houston since 1979.

A failed electric water heater can be a real heartache. There is no denying that, and the only way to avoid what is the EVENTUAL failure of your electric water heater is with a new electric water heater installation in Houston by the experts at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services.

Your electric water heater tank holds between forty and seventy gallons of water, twenty-four hours a day. The continuous heating and cooling cycles that are inherent to the function of a water heater puts tremendous strain on the metal that makes up that tank; usually, a glass bound stainless steel, or zinc plated copper. While both are resilient metals, the constant expansion and contraction of the tank will eventually take its toll on the welded seams, resulting in what we in the plumbing business call “catastrophic failure.” When your electric water heater tank ultimately fails, all the water in that tank is going to have to go somewhere. That five-gallon drip-pan is no match for a failed water heater tank!

With many water heaters being installed in attics here in Texas, you can imagine what happens next. Many water damage insurance claims are filed each year for damage caused by failed water heaters in the attic. Many of these claims are denied due to negligence. The simple act of not performing regular maintenance on your water heater can result in your insurance company denying your claim for that water damage. In addition to the cost of the water heater and the installation, imagine another $10,000 in damages to your ceilings, rugs, wood floors and personal belongings.

If there is any question if it’s time to replace your electric water heater, most plumbers will tell you to replace it. Standard contractor-grade electric water heaters generally come with a three-year warranty. When considering your new electric water heater installation in Houston, look for units that have a ten- or twelve-year warranty, then call Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services!

If your hot water isn’t quite as hot as you’re used to, or that clunking noise coming from the electric water heater has suddenly gotten louder, it’s time to call in the electric water heater repair and installation in Houston experts at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services.

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