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Faucet Installation

Installing a new faucet surprisingly can update your kitchen or bathroom. It can be a DIY job if you’re just replacing the fixture, but any plumbing work should be left to a plumbing company. Plumbing can be complicated, but a qualified pro should be able to install a new fixture quickly and efficiently. The cost to install a faucet is about $244, with an average range between $154 and $335, depending on a few variables.

Faucet Installation Cost Factors

One would think that installing a new faucet is simple. However, there are a lot of things you need to consider, not to mention those unexpected problems that may arise. Some major cost definers to remember are:

The condition of the current faucet: If your current faucet is rusted or in overall bad shape, it may be difficult to remove and could potentially damage the plumbing lines. This could be especially concerning if it is rusted, which means it’s probably stuck and might need to be cut out. Location: The price will vary depending on whether you will install a kitchen, bathroom or bathtub faucet.

Upgrades: If you decide to upgrade with a filtration system or lighting, you will pay more for the installation. Connectors/mountings: If the existing connectors or mountings are damaged, you will need to pay for them to be repaired or replaced.

Plumbing Condition: If your plumbing does not meet standard plumbing code, you might need to have it repaired before beginning installation. Water control & efficiency: If you choose a faucet that is not built to handle the current water control setup, you will need to have the water control adjusted.

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