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Faucet Installation, Maintenance and Repair in Houston

Article Date: 10/18/2018 | Posted By Nick

Faucet Installation, Maintenance and Repair in Houston

There is no better cure for a good night’s sleep than a constantly dripping faucet. That sound is a continuous reminder that your plumbing system is about to cost you money! It doesn’t have to be the sound of doom, as many faucet issues have a simple and inexpensive fix.

How Much is That Leaky Faucet Going to Cost Me?

That answer depends on what’s wrong with the faucet, as well as what type of faucet it is. The cause of a leaky faucet can be as simple as a worn-out washer or O-ring and can be fixed inexpensively. If you have a cartridge-type faucet, it could be time to replace the cartridge that contains several rubber seals and cushions.

Eventually, all faucets are going to need to be replaced, as water breaks down the various metals in the mechanics of faucets.

Do I Have to Hire a Professional Plumber to Work on My Faucet?

Performing simple faucet maintenance in Houston yourself, like replacing washers or aerators is a great way to save a few dollars as opposed to a service call. However, according to state law in Texas, all professional plumbing work must be performed by a licensed plumber.

In other words, hiring the local handyman to perform your faucet installation, maintenance and repair in Houston may save you fifty dollars now; but if that faucet breaks and causes water damage to your home, you may not be covered for that damage by your homeowner’s insurance.

Replacing a faucet sounds like it should be a simple task, and in most modern homes, faucet installation, maintenance and repair in Houston is a painless operation. Older faucets, particularly original plumbing in older bungalow style homes often require pipes to be cut to fit new fixtures. As professionals, even we encounter the occasional job where a pipe cut goes awry, and we end up buying a new vanity or sink for a customer.

A licensed, professional plumbing company carries the proper certifications to perform plumbing work in your home, and the proper insurance to be able to “make it right” when mistakes do happen. Do you think the local “Chuck in a Truck” has an extra three-thousand dollars laying around to replace your granite countertop if his circular saw slips? Don’t take that chance, always hire a professional.

Nick’s Plumbing is Your Best Choice for Faucet Repair, Maintenance and Faucet Installation!

Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services has been delivering professional faucet installation, maintenance and repair in Houston since 1979. Our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians can handle any faucet related issues you may be having, from a worn out washer to a faucet replacement.

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