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There's never a good time to need plumbing services in the Galleria, but sometimes, things happen. Clogged toilets, leaky pipes, strange odors are all signs that your home is telling you to call Nick's Plumbing & Sewer Services. We pride ourselves on four decades of five-star reviews and an impeccable word-of-mouth reputation that starts with quality work and always putting the customer first.

No one in Houston, TX would have thought an area described in 1948 by a local reporter as a series of "lonely, unlit, pockmarked booby traps for nocturnal animals and boozed-up motorists" would become the location of the largest shopping district in all of Texas. Not to mention becoming home to many upscale businesses and mid-rise residences, the way the Galleria did.

The Galleria area of the city of Houston is known for its high-end shops, and of course, the 2 ½ million-square-foot shopping center that bears the area's name, complete with two hotels, an office complex, and an ice skating rink, that opened in 1970.

The Galleria district (also referred to locally as Uptown) didn't honestly come into its own until the late 1970's, during the peak of a particularly vital oil and gas industry growth spurt. The Galleria began its development as a primarily commercial district, with a collection of mid-rise office buildings along I-610 West. The area at the time was best known for the Williams Tower, a 900-foot tall office building that was said to be the world's tallest to exist outside of a central business area.

Many energy companies were looking to build brick-and-mortar monuments to their power. One such impressive structure is the Williams Waterfall, a multi-story fountain adjacent to the Williams Tower, completed in 1983. Other notable buildings in the Galleria area include the Four Oaks Complex and Four-Leaf Towers.

The rampant development of the area by energy companies was stalled in the late 1980's when U.S. energy prices collapsed. Houston's economy suffered a severe blow during this period, with many of these corporations abandoning their upscale Uptown locations or closing altogether. In the late 1990's, the area bounced back somewhat as luxury mid and high-rise residential buildings started popping up in the Galleria area.

One of the Galleria's most notable structures is the Saint Martin Episcopal Church.The impressive house of worship reaches a height of 188 feet at its towers and has appeared in several nationally recognized print articles.

If your bathroom or kitchen could use a renovation, or if you need to replace that old sewer pipe, or to install that fancy new shower faucet, be sure to call the experts for plumbing services in the Galleria, Nick's Plumbing & Sewer Services.

Nick's Plumbing Services in The Galleria:

Shower Repair
Gas Line Repair
Whole-House Re-Pipe
Tankless Water Heaters
Garbage Disposal Installation
Drain Cleaning Services

Our technicians are fully trained, licensed, and undergo a complete background check before they ever put on the uniform. Our knowledgeable and friendly plumbing services in the Galleria experts will provide a free estimate and explain the job to you before getting started, and will leave your home looking better than it did before!

Nick's Plumbing & Sewer Services in the Galleria. Call us today. We're on the way.

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