Professional Shower Repair in Houston

As important as the role that the shower plays in our daily life, it’s surprising that more things can’t go wrong with it. When was the last time you couldn’t use your shower because it was “broken”? Your shower is one of the few truly “maintenance-free” appliances in your home.

Nick’s Plumbing Service offers repairs on all types of shower faucets, drains and other plumbing fixtures. Nick’s Plumbing has been performing shower repair in Houston services since 1979. Our fleet of fully stocked trucks are ready to arrive at your home, with the parts we need to complete our work in a manner that takes your time into consideration.

At Nick’s Plumbing Service, we carry a wide array of new shower heads and bathtub and shower combination fixtures should you need a replacement. Are you not quite sure which type of service you need today? Call Nick’s Plumbing Service and schedule a visit from one of our plumbing techs to discuss your shower repair in Houston issue, who can provide a cost evaluation.

Professional Clogged Shower Repair in Houston

One of the most common calls for shower repair in Houston is a clogged drain. Discovering a slow draining shower is a horrible way to start the day. No one enjoys standing ankle-deep in lukewarm shampoo and soap residue. Fortunately, the worst-case scenarios of a shower repair are usually limited to either a leaky faucet or a clogged drain.

Clogged shower drains occur for basically one reason. Hair collects beneath the drain cover, which then attracts all the soapy residue and other particles as the shower drains. This primordial ooze also contains bacteria, so eventually…it’s going to start to stink. A splash of bleach will kill any odors temporarily; but nature being a cruel mistress, the bacteria will return. Along with the smell.

You should make it a point to periodically clear your shower drains by removing the shower drain cover (almost universally attached with a single Phillips head screw), and simply pulling out any visible hair and other debris. Using a snake or an even a coat hanger to pull additional hair and whatnot from further down in the drain can help to alleviate the immediate problem of your clogged shower repair in Houston.

Chemical drain cleaners are rarely effective for clogged shower drains. These types of drain cleaners are highly corrosive. They clear your clog by chemically dissolving the hair and other debris…imagine the effect that has on your shower drain pipes. They are messy, costly, and even if they provide a temporary solution to a clogged shower repair in Houston, they are only masking what could be a larger, costlier problem.

Our trained, licensed and background-checked staff of plumbing technicians are experts in clearing clogged shower drains. We use state of the art high-definition video cameras to inspect your drains and sewer lines, and then employ either old-fashioned snaking or modern hydro-jetting, where high-pressure water jets are used to completely clear your drain and sewer pipes.

Professional Steam Shower Repair in Houston


Steam showers are tiled and enclosed shower stalls that use an electric generator to pump steam into the stall. The enclosure allows the steam to stay inside the shower stall, providing all the health and relaxation benefits of a sauna at the gym, without having to share it with six strangers.


No. The difference between the two breaks down like this; a sauna uses low humidity and high heat (up to two-hundred degrees) and is generally a wood construction. Steam showers use high humidity and lower temperatures (between one-hundred and one-hundred-twenty degrees) and will look more like a standard shower stall with tile and glass doors.

The significant difference between the two is; you’re going to sweat more in a sauna, but since the body recognizes the wet steam as being hotter than it is, a steam shower will feel as hot as a sauna.


Most problems that require a steam shower repair in Houston are centered around the steam generator unit. If your steam shower is not producing any steam at all, the first thing you want to check is the circuit breaker for the generator. If everything checks out OK with the power supply to the steam generator, and you still are not getting steam, make sure that the water supply inlet valves are open. If the valves are open, and still isn’t steam in your shower, you may have a faulty heating element in your steam generator.

Another common issue that calls for steam shower repair in Houston is lowered steam pressure, which is often the result of faulty seals. There are several seals within a steam generator assembly, from the supply lines and drain lines to the steam outlet pipes. Check the fittings going into and coming out of the steam generator unit, and if there’s evidence of a leak, call Nick’s Plumbing Service to schedule an appointment to inspect your steam shower.

Nick’s Plumbing Service has been repairing Houston’s showers while providing only the best in customer service since 1979.Call us Today. We’re on the Way.

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