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Houston Drain Cleaning Plumbing Services

Nick's Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

On today’s show, it’s all about drain cleaning, plumbing services in Houston.

I’m John Eccles Richard Saad. So today’s topic is all about drain, the types of drain cleaning plumbing services that we would do here in Houston. It’s going to be an interesting, so show you guys. So what creates the need for drain cleaning plumbing services? Well, John, so, uh, first of all, regular day to day use of your kitchen and bathroom drains will eventually cause you to need some sort of drink lean services, right? Um, you know, what do you, what are those clubs look like, Richard in the chief saying, if I use it, I lose it. If you use it, if you abuse it, you live. Oh yeah, I try it. If you abuse it, you lost your privileges, it gets stopped up, right? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You know, and what we want to talk about first is what are those look like? What does a clog in the kitchen sink or what clogs it actually now what it looks like, but what physically clogs kitchen sings?

Well, I would say it’s a stuff I put in it, right? Right. Absolutely. So we’ve gone over this before of what not to put in your drain system and the kitchen to where it’s going to help create that stoppage where, right. Yeah. What are a few of those items? So let’s talk about peelings. Absolutely. Rice. Absolutely eggshells. Oh yeah, that’s a big one. That’s a good one. I love [inaudible]. I don’t know why that’s a good one. Yeah, a potato peelings. Yeah, anything with a skin on it. Cucumber stuff that tends to bind together. It’ll bind together, get stuck in that pipe and then other stuff, we’ll start compacting onto that track and all of a sudden you’ve got a major problem. Well, what about, what are some items in the bathroom sink in the bathroom that create those things? Bathroom sinks going to be a little bit different where you’re talking about your laboratory, your sink around brushing it.

Yeah, right? Yeah. So you’re going to have collaborated products like soap products mixed with your hair into that drain system is typically what that is and it’s going to create that stoppage. That’s number one. Number two is going to be if you have an AC drain that’s into that laboratory or you guys might call it a sink, that it automatically comes up and water and you’re like, hey, why is that sink hold in water? I, I don’t even use it. Well that’s an algae buildup end of the piping structure that’s creating that complete blockage. Okay, so kitchen, we got all sorts of food products being shoved down there that stick together bathroom. We got hair products, hair a algae. So we got some different things that create these things. And one more thing in the shower, same process usually isn’t going to be algae, but it’s going to be a hair products.

And so that collagens plates and binds with your hair and then it just becomes like a big hairball, right with that, with a bunch of nasty stuff around it that gets in the drain and just completely clogged it. That’s right. So before we discuss the specific types of services that we perform in the tools that we use, let’s um, let’s start out with what are the signs now? Now we’ve talked about what, what can cause it, what are the signs that we might need drain cleaning services in Houston. So what is a sign that my kitchen sink stopped up once the telltale not draining like it was right. Draining slow, right, right. Bathroom sink is going to work the same way. Draining slow or not draining at all. And your shower in tubs gonna work the same. So the symptoms that you’re looking for are all working the same.

Right? The difference is, let’s say your sewer outside is stomped up. You’re going to have stuff standing in the shower or standing in the bathtub or your toilets gurgling, right. And not going down and, and operates a little bit different than that partial stoppage. So we’re looking for slow or reverse. That’s rolling down slower. It’s coming back a of the way it’s not going out. That’s correct. Uh, so as a homeowner, would it be possible for me to service my drains myself? Absolutely. You know, I, I would tell you to try to stay away from a mechanical device, one with a motor, right? Yeah. So you can actually go rent those. You guys are big are big machines that we currently have. You can rent, but I would not suggest that you do that. Um, unless you’ve actually been trained on it. I mean, this thing can actually break your arm in two seconds.

Absolutely. So I would highly recommend you use one that’s, that’s a hand driven type machine run just because of training purposes. So there they are dangerous. What about as a homeowner, should I use chemicals in my drain? Absolutely not. Chemicals, not good for the environment. They typically do not unstop anything. And when we show up and we actually use our equipment in that drain that you put acid in, let’s call it, yeah, it’s a problem. It needs our equipment up, but eats a lot of things. I mean, one, depending on what it’s mixing with canned, you know, ultimately lead to maybe some bad funes right. And that to fumes a chemical Barnes, right. That’s why we’ve had guys that had gotten burned by Kimball goes that customers that put in there and uh, and even some of it’s so acidic, uh, depending on the type of pipe you have, it could do some damage.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Do some damage to your pipes as a whole. Um, you know, we always suggest if you’re gonna use a chemical, use a bowel logic based drain cleaning on a regular basis. You know, the one that we supply as bio one, it’s an all organic, uh, type of cleaner maintainer. Right. Let me rephrase. It’s not a cleaner, it’s a maintainer. It’s not going to take a stoppage and remove it, but it will assist in maintaining the drain and moving a light stoppage maybe down the road. That’s right. What it does is eat waste. Yeah. And that’s what it does each Greece, it eats all types of stuff. Yeah. So it keeps it create great, great product. You know, and I’ll tell you, if you’re not using a drain maintenance pro product on a regular basis, you’re kind of setting yourself up for a problem in the future anyhow.

Especially, again back to her. The more you abuse it, the quicker you lose it. Right? That’s exactly right. So, um, so now we’ve got that. So what, what does the typical drain cleaning service consists of? You know, so when I asked that, um, obviously we’re going to talk about, you know, it changes depending on the severity of the problem and everything that’s going on and there’s different ways to break it up. But what would, okay, so like the kitchen and the bathroom, what does that look like? What are we gonna use to unstop those things? We’re going to use the smaller machine. Okay. Right. One that’s meant for two inch pipe, right? Cause you’re going to have two inch pipe on your kitchen. You’re going to have two inch pipe on your laboratory, you’re going to have two inch pipe on your shower. So all three of those are typically the same cable driven piece of equipment, right?

Right. The one that becomes different is going to be, once it hits the four inch line, right. And we’ve got two pieces of equipment for that. So these are bigger, more severe blockages. Right. So more power. Okay. That they are, that it’s a bigger cable system. Okay. It is actually going to get in there and, and attack whatever it is. It’s creating that total shutdown. All right. And then we also have hydrojetting right to clean those pipes and make them beautiful like they had just got put in. Absolutely. You know, and that’s for the most severe blockages that you can have. The hydrojetting is kind of what we lean towards just because of that whole thing. Right? It’s like pressure Washington side of your pipe or cable tends to kind of chew in and around it and done wrong. It works great. But that hydrojetting really is by far the superior green being when it comes to doing those things.

Um, so, well, what if, what if it’s not a typical stoppage? What if our customer has a root intrusion or a break in the line or any of those things will, any sort of cleaning or hydrojetting yeah. Fixed that problem. No. Nope. That is something that you’re going to have to fix in a repair. Right? So you’re going to have to either do a replacement of that bad section that has become dislodged, moved a root intruded somehow filtered through the, um, the hubs, and either do a partial and cut it out, or you’re going to do the whole thing depending on how old it is and how bad of shape that it’s in. So how does a customer know if they have a stoppage of soap scum or some of that, or a root intrusion or a break? You’ll have to wait for us to tell you how do we do it?

So what we do is after we get it unstopped possibly on the end of our cable, we have roots, dirt, something that shows something coming from the outside that shouldn’t be in that pipe. Right? Right. Then we have camera systems that we go verify. Okay. What was that? And did we clean it out well enough, right? Yeah. And then we can make some good decisions together on how to proceed. And maybe there’s nothing to do right now, maybe. Okay, we got six more months and then, yeah, we need to do a repair. Maybe I can’t afford it today, but I can in six months. We need to save up a little bit and we’ll be able to guide you and tell you, okay, these routes are going to come back in six months. We need to get it done between now and then. All right, so save money or you have a total collapse in, hey we gotta we gotta go now.

Yeah, to get service restored, we got to go now. So camera system, that sounds like a pretty technological piece of equipment. Very. And they’re very expensive to buy as you and I both know, but we give this to our client, right? We give this to you. So if we get hired for a stoppage and we feel like we need to go investigate more, we’re going to put the camera in there for free. If we feel like it wasn’t a grease or potato peelings or rice or a pasta, we’re going to give this to you as part of, of our service. Yup. And the big culprits that look at the old part of town all inside the loop. Oh yeah. Cast iron will just grab stuff. Cast Iron Fence just disintegrate over time as well so the roots can protrude in into that system. So we are running the camera quite often in our area.

You know what I love about that camera, it takes the guesswork out. It really does. It does. It lets, lets uh, are, are, you know, plumbers take all that guesswork out. They’re able to give our customer an accurate description of what’s going on, what’s causing your problem. And that leads to better resolutions for our customers, I think. Right? When you know what’s exactly at her decision making better decisions, right? There is no gas. Nope, not at all. You’re not looking underneath that dirt and go, Oh yeah, the problems there. We know exactly where the problem is. We know exactly how to fix it. And that’s what the camera, uh, specifically the sewer camera will do for you. Absolutely. Well, so if, if you’re decided or you’ve decided or you’re not decided or you’re not sure that you might need some drink cleaning plumbing services in Houston, give us a call.

We’re always here. We’re always available. You know, we love to tout that we’re one phone call away. Enter your questions. Uh, if you don’t use us, you know, we want you to use us, but if not, we’ll point you in the right direction. Ask questions. We’re here for you and I want to add one more thing and I will continue to say this. Maintenance, maintenance and maintenance keeps you away from us. Absolutely right. Absolutely. And that has to do with the bio and maintaining your drains, doing what it takes to where it doesn’t become a complete shutdown. Yeah. So have you need that? Give us a call we can deliver that to. Absolutely. Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

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