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Professional Hydrostatic Water Leak Detection Testing in Houston

Hydrostatic Water Leak Detection Testing in Houston

A well maintained plumbing system helps your homes overall value but a bad one can be devastating to it. Even a small leak in your plumbing that’s gone undetected can cause serious and costly issues. We all know leaks are likely to happen like dripping faucets or shower heads, but these are easily detected. What about the leaks that you can’t see?

How Do You Know You Have A Water Leak?

The obvious signs that you may have a serious plumbing leak include finding standing water, stained / mildewed ceilings or even a dripping sound from behind a wall. These are all signs that you need to call a professional plumber like Nick’s Plumbing to inspect your pipes and suggest the proper repairs. But what about the leaks that are not so obvious. These types of leaks can be the most damaging to your home and property especially if they go unnoticed for a long period of time. If you feel your homes water pressure has dropped or you notice an unwarranted increase in your monthly water bill you may have a leak that has gone undetected. These types of leaks are most commonly found in places like the connection between your water meter and home as well as under slab leaks from your hot and cold-water pipes. If this happens the best form of leak detection is called hydrostatic pressure testing. Nick’s Plumbing has been an expert at Hydrostatic Water Leak Detection Testing in Houston for decades.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure Testing?

Essentially hydrostatic pressure testing is the process of placing an inflated ball inside of the main plumbing line at the exit of your home which blocks all water from flowing into the sewer. Water is then put into your homes drain system and filled completely while the water levels are monitored through a toilet pipe or shower. The test takes approximately 20 minutes. If the water level drops, there’s a leak! If a leak is detected in your homes plumbing the next step is to conduct a leak isolation test. This is when sections of your plumbing are blocked, and cameras are utilized to locate the leak.

Can I DIY Hydrostatic Pressure Testing?

No. Simply put, you cannot perform a hydrostatic pressure test without some fairly large and expensive pieces of professional plumbing equipment. If you feel your home has a leak and you require Hydrostatic Water Leak Detection Testing in Houston, call the professionals at Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services.

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