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Leaky Faucet Repair and Replacement in Houston

Out of every possible plumbing problem you could have in your home, the leaky faucet is easily the most disturbing. We don’t tend to notice a dripping faucet during the day when we can call a plumber, and have it addressed. Instead, the dripping faucet seems to be a nocturnal animal, only making itself known at two o’clock in the morning, an hour that makes it sound louder than any rock concert you’ve ever been to.


When it comes to replacing leaky faucets around the house, four basic types are available;

Compression Faucet: have been around the longest and are the least expensive faucet to install. The operation is simple; as you turn the handles (there will be two), a washer that closes off water to the tap is moved to allow for flow. Eventually, these washers will wear out, your taps will begin to drip, and the washers will require replacement.

Cartridge Faucet: usually found in bathrooms as a two-handle appliance (one for hot, one for cold, and each requiring a separate cartridge) that blends the two sources into one faucet spout. The cartridge is almost always made of plastic and secured by a single nut and is the part that needs the most frequent attention. If you feel the base of the faucet “pumping” as if something was moving up and down beneath it, you have a cartridge faucet.

Ball Faucet: a washer-less faucet that uses a single handle to open and close the tap, as well as adjust the hot-cold mixture. The flow of water is controlled by a metal ball contained in the faucet body that moves as the faucet handle is operated. Ball faucets are the most commonly installed type for kitchens and utility sinks.

Ceramic Disc Faucet: uses two ceramic discs, one fixed and one that moves that move against each other and either allows water to pass or blocks it entirely. Disc faucets are generally difficult to wear out, as their ceramic disc design can resist the corrosive elements of water, unlike their rubber predecessors.

While there may only be four types of faucets, there are many manufacturers of faucets making hundreds of variations of each type. The function of each type of faucet remains the same, even if the form is altered between brands and models. The cheapest cartridge faucet and the most expensive cartridge faucet offer the same performance; the cost is in the aesthetics of the faucet.


The universal first sign of wear-and-tear in your faucets will start with a drip and proceed to drool from the tap. Worn-out cartridges can begin to leak, pushing water out through the base of the faucet, as will a worn-out ball in a ball-type fixture. If your faucet is “spitting” the water out, as opposed to a smooth, steady flow; you probably have a clogged aerator in your tap.

Faucets that don’t work at all are a sign that you need a faucet repair or replacement service call. Dead faucets are often rusted and seized into place and are unlikely to be able to be repaired. Squeaky handles can be an indication of a worn faucet stem or other mechanical parts. If you think one or more of the taps in your may need leaky faucet repair or replacement in Houston, give Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services a call. We operate over fifteen fully stocked trucks that have the most common faucet parts on board, as well as access to order virtually any replacement faucet currently available.


Nick’s Plumbing has been the leaky faucet repair and replacement experts for Houston and the surrounding communities since 1979. Trust Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services years of experience with your faucet repair or replacement needs.


Leaky Faucet Repair and Replacement in Houston

Nick’s Plumbing Live Video Transcription:

On today’s show, it’s all about leaky faucet repair and replacement in Houston.

I’m Richard Saad, John Eccles. So today we’re talking about a plumbing problem that can cost you a ton of money over time. Literally, what are we talking about today? Sounds like you might be talking about faucet repairs. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. You guys can keep you up at night. Sometimes you hear it going, drip, drip. Oh yeah. Hey, I’ve had it drip,that keeps you awake. Pretty easy to repair. Pretty cheap to repair. But that’s debatable, right? I mean certain people are going to be like, ah, a hundred bucks, what? You’re ripping me off and the parts 100 bucks, that’s the next problem. It’s all relative and it’s all relative, isn’t it? So leaky faucet repair and replacements is on the show today. And it’s funny cause you know, a faucet is simply a shutoff valve for your water supply, but there’s tons of variations of different kinds.

But really your standard faucet is pretty, you know, on the same lines of the same makeup on the inside. They have stems. Yeah. Some have seats. Yup. Washers, whether they’re rubber or ceramic. Yeah. Depends. All right. And again, nothing lasts forever, including you. Everything gives out over time and water will get all of us. Oh yeah, absolutely. Any part, your body, whatever it is. I agree. You know? So in other words, it’s just shut off valve. Correct. And if you guys really think about this at home, it’s a way to deliver water. That’s all it is in the water comes off and on and then back off. Right. That’s all right. When you demand it. So when this faucet is not working properly, what’s the end result of that? What can it do? What does it create? Right? If you leave it dripping and especially, oh yeah.

Well I’m asking you those questions but I got the answer cause I’m looking for something specific and what what that is is I can channel that faucet to where we cannot repair it. Right. Which means you’re going to have to replace that Faucet. So you don’t want to let that drip for a lengthy period of time. Right. You want to get that fixed. Now, depending on what type of faucet that you have, and it depends on make model brand is going to depend on cost of course. Right? Absolutely. So the cost of the cartridge almost said something else, right? Uh, our stim, right? They’re all going to be different.

And what else? Well, the seats in washers on the inside the pending, um, you know, and again, we’re talking about these variations of faucets and, and you know how they’re made up and as they go on, it’s just getting more and more complicated on the insides, you know, as far as mixing valves, which is a little bit outside the fossil, but still has to do with it. You know, you got all these new faucets that are feeding multiple shower heads and stuff of that nature. So we’ve got some different things, you know, how do we know if our leaky faucets in need of repair now date? Well, one, it’s dripping. Correct. Um, but I mean, so how do you know if it’s going to be needed to be repaired versus replaced? Right. Can we know that without diving into it? I think for some people, yeah.

I mean if you think about a faucet, if your house was built in 1970 faucets already, 40 something years old, and in what we have found are people still don’t want to replace their 40 something year old Boston. Right? But most of the time we can repair those. They still make parts for us to repair those. But there comes a time, is it worth doing a replacement one that’s gonna last another 40 years or do you repair? I mean that’s the question. That’s only, you can answer that, right, right. I mean you live there, you own your house. It’s a cosmetic issue. Again, it’s a way to deliver water and that’s it. It’s turning off the water and turning on the water. It’s right. That’s it. Other than that, everything else is cosmetic. If you like the way it looks, you don’t like the way it looks.

I think there’s several factors that will go into play. Whether you want to replace that or repair that. Right now we did put it in a faucet. This is probably my most expensive faucet. And this is before you and I met, this is about six years ago or so, lady individual bought a $7,000 lavatory faucet and we put it in. That’s a no brainer. If that starts to leak, you’re going to repair that. You’re trying to repair what they were the USA $7,000 lavatory faucet. I was so expensive. I think that was golden. It actually, that’s like a real goal down, but just pretty though. Um, it was more than that. Really. Yeah. Never seen anything like it since. It was interesting. Uh, so in that case, what do you do? You repair that thing for life? Yeah. Until they stopped making parts for it until they stop making parts.

That’s exactly right. I even when they do that, you still try to figure out a way to not replace it. That’s exactly right. So what would you say the average cost repair versus replace is? And again, I know that we’re operating on a variation, right? But what would you think that the average would be loaded question you guys? Because again, it all depends on parts. So some of those parts on these faucets can get to be over a thousand I’m sorry, over a hundred dollars for each part. Right. And depending on, you know, you’ve got hot and cold separate from each other. That could be $200 or better in parts. I’m going to give you an average and let’s talk about Mowen Delta price, Pfister Kohler. Most of those can be repaired from that one 50 to three 50 is what most of those could be repaired for. When you start going to the high end faucet lines, you’re looking at $500 or better and that’s typically, and that’s for repair code.

What about replacement replacement? It is all on you. Sky Is the limit. You can go buy a faucet for $7,000 $60 yeah, and up to, I mean I’ve seen one actually up to 10 rand now though. They make one more expensive than that. I would think so, yeah. But you can any anywhere between that $60 range, that 10 grand. It’s up to you what you pick. They all go in the same for us. I think those price points are absolutely on point, are they? Those are on point with probably what we see on a daily basis. And again, right repair. You know, again we were talking very middle of the road, right? Right. And then most people are going to pick your mo and price Pfister or Delta and you’re going to get a faucet between 102 or 200 yeah. Sometimes your kitchen faucets are going to be between three and 800 for one that’s going to last.

That works. That’s a heavy brass. Right? Absolutely. So in saying that, it’s up to you guys, so it’s kind of in the ball’s in your court, especially on the replacement piece. Right? We can get as high as you want, but you know, like we say every week, if you have a question about it and you’re not sure we’re a phone call away, you can call us and bend our ear and test our knowledge and see what we can point you in the right direction for what you’re needing. That’s right. And if you keep that faucet dripping, how much is that going to cost you? It’s gonna make us look cheap. Absolutely. Yeah, it really will. But if you have questions, you know, you can always take a picture of that faucet and send it in. And we’re not gonna know every faucet. I mean, there’s literally 10,000 or more faucets on the market. Yeah. And tons of different manufacturers. We’re not going to know them all, but if you want to know somewhat of a cost, you take a photo, send it to our email. We could probably get you a pretty close cost Dev within the ballpark. Within the ballpark. Yeah. Close. So again, call us. We’re here. Thank you. Thank you for watching.

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