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Choosing a Local Contractor in Houston

Article Date 10/6/2017 | Posted By Nick

If you follow Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services on our social media platforms, you already know that we are here, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey... Read More

Plumbing Company vs. Plumber

Article Date 7/13/2017 | Posted By Nick

In the State of Texas, it is illegal for anyone that is a licensed plumber to advertise, offer, to perform, or provide plumbing services without owning a... Read More

Protecting Pipes from Freezing Weather in Houston

Article Archived | Posted By Nick

In Houston, October to November is a good time for checking that the house will get through a tough winter. The foliage is dying down, and it is easier to see if... Read More

Guide To Water Leak Detection In Your Home

Article Archived | Posted By Nick

As was amply demonstrated by record breaking drought in Texas last year including the greater Houston area, low level rainfall in our area can result in a record... Read More

Handy Tips for Saving Money on your Water Bill

Article Archived | Posted By Nick

Now that Houston is entering the summer months, once again we seem to be repeating last years tendency to be on rather dry. Already some parts of Houston are starting... Read More

Home Plumbing Systems: Understanding Your Pipes

Article Archived | Posted By Nick

When you hear the word plumbing, what comes to mind? You might think of you bathrooms, your toilets, maybe the shower, sinks and perhaps the dishwasher... Read More

No Plumber Needed: Fixing a Clogged Toilet

Article Archived | Posted By Nick

Uh-oh, not again, the toilet is clogged. The flush doesn’t sound right and you get that sinking feeling. You turn and see the water is just not going down or the... Read More

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