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Professional Pex Pipe Installation in Houston

Pex Pipe Installation in Houston

How Do I Know If It’s Time to Re-Pipe My House?

Like all components of your home, your plumbing isn’t getting any younger. Many homes here in Houston were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and most of those homes still have their original pipes. One hundred years of constant water pressure, temperature changes and just the natural settling of a house over time will play havoc with an older plumbing system.

Corrosion works its way into the threads of old pipe fittings, breaking down the metal and causing leaks. Leaks that are left untreated will eventually turn into broken pipes and far more significant leaks. Noisy pipes that creak and bang are a sign of loosening fittings, caused by the deterioration in your plumbing system. Reduced water pressure and lack of adequate hot water also indicate that it may be time to think about a whole house PEX pipe installation in Houston.

PEX pipes are flexible pipes used for water supply that are made from a high-density polyethylene polymer. While PEX pipe has been available in Europe since the 1970’s, PEX has only come into popularity in the United States since the turn of the century. PEX pipe is used in place of copper, iron or rigid plastic (PVC) pipes. PEX pipes are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, and being flexible, a PEX pipe installation in Houston is much easier than copper or PVC pipes.

PEX pipes are not a proprietary product, so there are many manufacturers to choose from when buying PEX. Generally, plumbing contractors will install color-coded PEX pipes to reflect what is flowing through them, such as the red pipe for hot water and blue pipe for cold. The color coding makes it much easier to identify lines for installation, and especially years down the road if you need to make upgrades or repairs.

How Long Does PEX Pipe Last?

PEX pipes are made of materials that are not prone to corrosion or breakdown from water exposure, and thus have a far longer life expectancy than that of metal or plastic pipes. In the plumbing industry, the standard answer is a twenty-five-year lifespan for PEX pipe, but (as witnessed in Europe) PEX pipe can be expected to last up to forty years.

Of course, some variables that will play into the lifespan of your PEX pipe installation in Houston. Water quality, ambient temperatures (extreme heat or cold), and exposure to the sun can all have an impact on the integrity of PEX pipes.

Is PEX Pipe Reliable?

PEX pipe is as reliable as iron and copper pipes, without the problem of metal corrosion creating pinhole leaks and fitting failures. An early concern with PEX pipes was inexperience among plumbers regarding installation and attempting to use improper or defective fittings. That issue was resolved within the industry over a decade ago.

Is PEX Pipe Safe?

The primary safety issue consumers seem to have with PEX piping is the “leeching” of chemicals used in the creation of the polymer pipes. PEX pipe works best when stored out of direct sunlight from the time of manufacture to installation. Unfortunately, many contractors are content to hang reels of PEX pipe in the back of their pickup truck in the heat of the summer. This exposure creates a problem not only in the integrity of the PEX pipe, but also raises the concern of ingesting potentially toxic by-products of the PEX process.

An important consideration regarding your PEX pipe installation in Houston will be paying strict attention to the installation of your PEX. Ask your plumbing contractor if they bring the PEX pipe to the job site in an enclosed vehicle or on an exposed reel. UV rays have an IMMEDIATE effect on the integrity of PEX pipes, and it is imperative to your health and to the quality of the job to know that your PEX pipe was handled properly. Improper handling of PEX pipes before installation is something that just can not be proven down the line, so always use a plumbing company that has experience with PEX pipes.

PEX Pipe Installation Experts

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