Whole House Repipe Specialists in Houston

Whole House Repiping Specialists in Houston

Nick's Plumbing is the premiere whole house repipe specialist in Houston. Repiping a house is the most difficult of all plumbing services, so it's critical you choose an experienced plumber. Look no further for a true Whole House Repiping Specialists. Nick's Plumbing company has completed many House Repiping jobs with complete customer satisfaction every time. Call us today to schedule service with one of our repipe specialists.

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First of all, what exactly is whole-house repiping?

Whole house re-piping involves the complete replacement of the supply and drain lines of a plumbing system. It’s a complex task that requires careful planning and the skills of a licensed, experienced repipe specialist in Houston, like the ones you find at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services.

It’s not just about installing and connecting your pipes, there are permits that need to be obtained and inspections that need to be passed. You need the reliable, professional repipe specialists in Houston at Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services to see you through your whole project from start to finish.

Okay, that’s great. But how do I know if I need to re-pipe my house?

Have you started to notice a decrease in water pressure in the fixtures around your home? Does it take longer than usual for your washing machine or bathtub to fill up? Noisy pipes, discolored water, leaks and funny smells coming out of your drain are all calls for help coming from inside the house that it may be time to consider a whole-house re-pipe.

Planning on remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms? That is a great time to consider calling the whole house repipe specialists in Houston of Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services. Removing old plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, showers and sinks exposes both water supply and sewer drain pipes in your floors and behind your walls. Take advantage of that exposure and have our experts inspect and replace your aging galvanized or copper pipes with new state-of-the-art PEX piping.

PEX pipes (also known as cross-linked polyethylene tubing) are flexible, plastic pipes that can be fed into and through your walls with the need to remove much less of the sheetrock or floorboards in the process. PEX meets all building codes, and generally carries a long warranty.

Noticing water leaks around the foundation of your home? That could be a sign of deteriorating water supply or sewer line. In homes that are twenty years or older, it may be time to consider the long-term value in a whole-house re-pipe. Give Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services a call first, they’ve been the top repipe specialist in Houston since 1979 with an impressive collection of five-star online reviews.

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Need a Whole House Repipe?

Your home may need a repipe if you detect leaks or discolored water in your sink, shower, bathtub or spa. Nick’s Plumbing and his team of highly-trained Houston plumbing technicians can tackle one of the biggest plumbing jobs there is—re-piping.

If you see any of the following red flags, it’s time to call Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services for a consultation on your possible re-piping job.

You have rusty or discolored water:

Rust within the pipes is also transferred to your water that you are bathing in or worse—drinking. Eventually, the rust will eat completely through the iron pipe, and you will experience leaks or total failure. You should consider repiping your home if you detect these tell-tale signs in your Houston-area home.

Your house has galvanized piping:

Many years ago, the building and construction industries used iron or galvanized pipes. Galvanized, iron or zinc-coated pipes begin to deteriorate as these homes continue to age, resulting in the pipe being eaten from the inside out.

You are experiencing low water pressure:

The low water pressure you feel is actually due to a decreased volume of water. As galvanized pipes age, the rust and corrosion cause the inside diameter of the pipe to close off, restricting the flow of water. At the same time, the reduced volume of water in the system is not sufficient to supply multiple fixtures at one time. We have been re-piping Houston homes for many years, and we have seen this common problem solved by a single repiping job.

You have problems running more than one fixture at a time:

If your water temperature changes drastically when another fixture is turned on or off this is a sign of a problem with your pipes.

You have experienced slab leaks:

You suddenly find water on the floor, but you can’t determine where it came from. You wipe it up, but it comes back. Unfortunately, you may have a slab leak, and we can help.

Repipe Your Houston Home:

Repiping your home can be a fairly involved and expensive process, depending on the size of the job. We recommend it because it is always worth it in the long run when compared to alternatives like extensive water damage from burst, rusted or leaking pipes.

Call Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services, the experts in re-piping homes. We are fast, affordable and experienced. Whether you have repipe problems inside your home, in the attic, outside or even under the house, call Nick’s Plumbing for service that you can trust.

Whether you are in need of re-piping, pipe clean out, pipe installation or pipe repairs you can count on us to treat you fairly and honestly and to help protect the integrity of your property and home. Our Houston repiping experts will conduct an initial screening to determine the best method for repairing your home plumbing. Our technicians will then bring the highest-quality materials to the site to repipe your home and make it work as good as new again.

At Nick's Plumbing we offer a lifetime warranty on re-piping, estimates, and a 12-month, no-interest or 10-year financing. Call 713-868-9907 for details for all your House

About Nick’s Plumbing and Repipe:

Nick’s Plumbing has been providing re-piping services in the Greater Houston Area since 1979. With fully stocked trucks serving your neighborhood, Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services cares about treating customers ethically and re-piping your home at a fair and affordable price. Sure you could go with any plumbing contractor in Houston but do they bring top quality and value to every Houston repiping job as we do? Our main concern is our customers’ satisfaction.

Outstanding Repipe Plumbing Service:

When you call Nick’s Plumbing & Sewer Services, we answer our phones with responsive, staff members who are highly-trained and knowledgeable about plumbing issues. Call us today at 713-868-9907 to discuss the problems you’re having with your pipes and set up an appointment today for repiping.

Best House Repipe Specialists in Houston

Nick's Plumbing has been the best house repipe specialist in Houston for years. Our highly experienced team of plumbers can guide you through any issues needing a whole house repipe specialist. When you call Nick’s Plumbing, we answer our phones with live, intelligent staff that are all highly trained and knowledgeable about Houston plumbing issues. Call today to schedule an appointment with a repipe specialist.

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