Are Copper Pipes the Right Choice For Your Houston Home?

Is Copper Pipe Installation Right For You?

Is It Time to Re-Pipe Your Home?

The decision to re-pipe your home is a serious one, and a lot of variables must be considered. If your home is more than twenty-five years old and still has the original plumbing; an inspection by a reputable plumbing company is in order. Pin-hole leaks, poor quality workmanship and defective products in an existing plumbing system can be detected and addressed. Adding additional bathrooms and performing other renovations also presents a homeowner with a perfect opportunity to re-pipe their home.

What About Copper Pipes?

Copper has been in use for centuries, and has been the standard in residential and commercial plumbing since the mid-1900’s. Even as the plumbing industry turns its focus to newer plumbing technologies like PVC and PEX pipe, copper pipes remain a popular feature for their longevity and for the added value that copper plumbing brings to your home.

Do Copper Pipes Rust?

Copper pipes, based on their chemical structure are impervious to corrosion, simply meaning that they will not rust, making them a perfect vessel for carrying water. Copper piping is also naturally antimicrobial and thus cannot support the growth of bacteria, fungi or viruses. If you live in an area that regularly fails its water quality tests for bacteria, your copper pipes can eliminate that bacteria.

But What About the Added Cost?

Yes, it is true that a copper pipe installation will cost an average of $2,000 – $3,000 more than a PEX pipe installation. Copper plumbing takes longer to install than PEX pipe, as each piece must be cut, threaded, fittings attached and welded on-site. As copper is a precious metal, it is more expensive to produce copper pipes as opposed to steel or plastic plumbing.

Your new copper pipe installation will be maintenance and worry free for decades to come, and because the work is performed by only our experienced, licensed technicians; future additions and changes will be a breeze.

Copper Saves You Money in Energy Costs!

Installing copper pipes in your home makes your plumbing system more efficient. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and as such, your hot water lines remain hot, and your shower heads and faucets can deliver even hotter showers.

For time honored quality, value and lifespan, you simply cannot beat a copper pipe installation when looking for a return on a home improvement investment. Nick’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning Services offers a written cost evaluation for any service we offer, including copper pipe installation. We have fifteen filly stocked trucks ready to roll out to your home or business for all your plumbing needs.

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